Bev‘s Three Muses challenge this week – to use “wheels” of any description in our artwork. Here are a couple of ATCs depicting wheeled forms of transport…

"m" - motorcycle

 Stamps from the Tandastamps Transport set…

"p" - Pennyfarthing

I went back into my “backgrounds” box for more ATC material and created these 2 and 5 more this evening. I’m in so much pain with my back, it was a welcome distraction!!!

The reason the images look a little fuzzy is because I have ironed scraps of fusible lightweight interfacing onto the backgrounds before stamping them – just an experiment. I can’t get to my sewing machine, so I have been reverting to Neocolours, a damp rag and a white pen. I couldn’t resist the texture of the fusible stuff, although it does have an annoying habit of sticking up in parts because I ripped it instead of cutting it!!

I’m sure there will be heaps of fascinating entries again this week, so be sure to hop over and check ’em out! 😉

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  1. Great colours – those stamps are very cool.

  2. Two spectaculat pieces, Rosie, hope your back improves soon!

  3. Great pieces! Look after that back! xx

  4. johanna

     /  August 18, 2010

    rosie, both are WONDERFUL!! i hope your background box holds more stuff;)

    all the best for your back:)

  5. This is great, love it. Hope your back is better soon. Annette x

  6. I love both entries, Rosie. Sorry to hear about your back. Hope it’s better soon.
    (By the way, did my mail art EVER arrive? I can’t imagine what’s taking it so long. I mailed it on 7-30)

  7. Both are fantastic, great work!

  8. Yvonne

     /  August 18, 2010

    Two fabulous pieces, Rosie!

  9. taluula

     /  August 18, 2010

    Both ATCs are scrumdidlyumptious Rosie, my favourite is the first because I love all the text you have on there. You would get on very well with one of my friends I think, since she is always experimenting with fusing pieces of this and that onto her work, which always looks gorgeous. Applause my friend, and whatever is the matter with your back I’m sending you good vibes for it to get better soon.

  10. Gorgeus colors……..I really love the way you showcase your wheels,,,,,pelase feel free to ask me a free copy of my Gothic Arch.

  11. Sorry about your back. Hope it feels better soon. Love these ATCs

  12. First of all, Rosie, thanks for the great idea to iron on lightweight interfacing to provide textures. Fantastic. Your two pictures are superb in every way with terrific designs and wonderful colours. A standing ovation from me.

  13. oh Rosie!!! these are beautiful piece!!! I love your wheels!!!

  14. These are fantastic Rosie!


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