Every Day Road Trip…

A journal spread finally finishes off my Book of Intentions from Kelly Kilmer’s class and works for Polka dotWednesday Stamper, and the Printed WordThe Three Muses.

"Glory Union" - Road Trip

This is the complete page with tag in pocket – I stapled the adorable fabric tag to a small piece of corrugated cardboard and trimmed it to size, after covering the back of the tag too…

...stamped with a dragonfly

"PAID 15 Sep 2010"

There’s always loud, current music playing in the car when we “ride” together!!

'Time well spent with DD'

This is such a personal page for me so there’s a lot of doodles and handcarved stamps. I remember admitting to Hermine last year, that my love of clothing tags almost  tempts me to buy the outfit to get the tag – or it has done in the past!!! How daft is that? Still, it’s a useful obsession, as all my family keep their most stylish tags for me!!

Driving to and from places together is “chat time” for us. We connect in an intimate mum/daughter way and have had some of our best talks in the car. There is one thing I’m not allowed to do though – sing out loud! When “she-who-must-be-obeyed” travels with me, in my car, I merely lip-synch! Even to me, my raps sound better in my head… 😉

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  1. Wow these look wonderful, stunning work!

  2. Dawn gold

     /  September 15, 2010

    Rosie I too love tegs off garments and I have been known to take them off clothes if it si something I wouldn’t wear, naughty I know but I can’t resist.
    Your journal pages are fabulous xxx

  3. Sooo, THAT’S where all the clothing tags are going! You’ve certainly put them to good use! Beautiful work.

  4. These are all beautiful but I love the Road Trip tag with the dragonfly- a superb entry Rosie!

  5. What a stunning page and tag, Rosie!

  6. Another of your incredible collages, Rosie, love how it has meaning for you, too, perfect piece!

  7. Loving this – so many lovely details 🙂

  8. Sandy

     /  September 16, 2010

    Oh wow I love it.
    It´s beautiful in every way.
    Fantastic play with colors.

  9. Thanks for the big smile on my face reading your note….buying the clothes to get the tag 😀 …. that’s me, too. *g* The journal pages looks really wonderful, I love it.

  10. Thanks for your comment on my lutradur bag – yes I would love a copy of the Jester bag pattern from you if it comes to light 🙂

  11. taluula

     /  September 16, 2010

    These are gorgeous Rosie, you have such creative talent and I find myself coming back to look at your work time and time again. I’m glad you’ve ‘fessed up about the clothes tags, mine is the coloured ribbons from T shirts and sweatshirts ….. they are more useful to me in my art than on coat hangers. Ooooops, I didn’t mean to confess! Love that you have that relationship with your daughter. Nothing like it is there?

  12. LOL you are a gal after my own heart in more ways than I knew! Cars are meant for singing out LOUD, and they indeed are a great place for one on one’s! Your page is super Rosie! You put so much into everything you create … there is no other way … is there!
    Love it! Your book must be fantastic to sit down with!

  13. Hey there!
    Beautiful page here. I love the doodles and the hand carved stamps AND of course the clothing tag! One can never get enough of those… Interesting how you put the colours together – I think I will have to try that too…

  14. Very inspiring, like how you included the steps!

  15. what a beautiful art work.
    Well done

  16. Wonderful work. I want to go find some cool clothing tags now. 🙂

  17. Wow, I love this. Its so busy, there’s so much to see here. Fabulous work.

  18. gorgeous! ALL!
    hugs Susi

  19. such a cool piece rosie


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