Three Things!

“Three is a magic number…” Well I believe that anyway! Theme Thursday this week asks for 3 things, or 3 of something, so I have chosen to make 3 game tiles from the same background piece of glossy card, which I found earlier when I was tidying upstairs.

I used 3 game pieces from a set I bought last summer (or the one before even?) – they measure 3.5″ x 2″ and are like kids’ picture dominoes on the same density board as bookboard, for instance. The stamps are geishas by Third Coast Rubber stamps, among my favourites! They make stunning domino stamps too…


The colours are alcohol inks…

"g" for Geisha perhaps?

"j" for Japanese, maybe?

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  1. Surprising game tiles, Rosie. Wonderful as always!

  2. these are gorgeous!

  3. Awesome, Rosie!

  4. What inateresting pieces. Beautiful bold color. Well done, my friend!

  5. they are right up my ally!!!!!!!!
    Love them all!

  6. taluula

     /  September 16, 2010

    Amazing Rosie. Such wonderfully bright and joyful colours too.

  7. Your stamps are nice, Rosie, but I really like your backgrounds.

  8. Such a fantastic triple… Great backgrounds and images.

  9. Really pretty and unique. Love them!


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