Autumn glory…

Here we go again with Sunday Postcard Art’s latest challenge – use the beautiful colours of autumn to  create a postcard. I love using art I have created in new ways and chose to meld 2 of my paintings for this postcard. Added the trext on a whim… I had the lyrics to California dreamin’ in my head!!

"What's the story...?"

 I liked both these paintings, which I still have and I am drawn to faces, (eyes in particular) and texture/colour. The leaves on the original “Face of Hedera” painting were gathered from our garden in the winter and collaged directly onto the painted canvas. The central image was applied with tissue – not terribly professionally, I may add! – but it still made the cut for the Art Expo in 2009!!

The smaller canvas was experimental – using colours and foam stamps. I added the green head later, courtesy of Michelle Ward…  So it really does feel wintry here this morning. It’s quite cold, there’s a North wind blowing and the sun is weak and skittish – in and out of the grey clouds… brrrr! I sit here in my PJs and flipflops (trying to ignore the draught at my feet!), with my favourite sweatshirt on and am seriously considering getting dressed!

Just a quick bit of news… we have an additional 2 pets now (mad, I know..). DD has bought 2 dwarf Russian hamsters, called Sharkey and Squish, who live in a 3-storey mansion… I mean, look at this thing:

The assembly line...

Sharkey’s machine… (remember Burt Reynolds? *grins*)

Fitness freak, Sharkey...!

And then there’s Squish…

Squish, probably pondering his name...!

Apparently, the cat is still unaware of the presence of small rodents in his home. I wonder how long that will last??? 😉

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  1. Great combination of the two paintings, Rosie!

  2. This looks great!

  3. Great creations, Rosie

  4. I love your Sunday postcard, Rosie. The colors are great, and the textures beautifully blended. BRAVO!

    (I sent you an e-mail about the s’mores!)

  5. Your paintings are simply gorgeous! Fine, fine work! And welcome to Squish and Sharkey, they’re so cute!!!

  6. taluula

     /  September 26, 2010

    Full of gorgeous Autumnal colours Rosie and I love the quote too.

  7. This is stunning, Rosie ! Love the image and the colours!

  8. Beautiful combination and creation of the two pieces. A visually stunning postcard Rosie!

  9. This is lovely, Rosie – I love the colours and the different layers.
    Good luck with the new members of your family!
    P.S. I will email my address tomorrow.

  10. Wonderful card!!

  11. Great Autumn piece!

  12. Brilliant Autumn piece with a difference, Rosie, love the colours!

  13. I love this one! Your paintings are so vbrant and interesting. Wonderful!!


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