Marie loves flowers…

Sunday Postcard Art “Dark Marie”… Well, she was such a ‘girly girl’, wasn’t she? Not looking her best in this wondrous collage image from Ten Two Studios, but nevertheless, she is just adorable! To make her pop a bit from the multi-blah blackground, I gave the image a coat of Golden’s Liquid Polymer Gloss. (It also protects the image!)

Marie loves flowers...

My friend Fi sent me the oversized paperclip and I have included the string for Hels’s Sunday Stampers challenge. The stamps are foam ones that I have mainly for use with paint and gesso.

Got loads to share today too – If you look at my left hand sidebar, you’ll see I have added a new badge – The heart of ART. It links to the  Willowing art group on where Tam is offering a FREE 4-week online course for mixed media fans. If you’ve never taken a course or workshop (and let’s face it, sometimes we don’t have the budget for it, do we?), well this is a great opportunity. If you follow that link, there’s a video which explains what it’s all about and that will help you to decide if this could be good for you. I signed up after seeing the badge at Hermine’s blog. 🙂

I’m still trying art journalling, using books I made from the Kelly Kilmer course and I started a new one a couple of days ago – a journal about my Weightwatchers journey! I thought if I write down what my goals are and then journal the journey, it may help keep me on track? Well that’s  the theory – I shall be sharing how that goes on my blog and probably on Facebook too!!!

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  1. Sandy

     /  October 3, 2010

    Oh wow what a scary card Rosie.
    This looks great.

  2. Rosie ~ This is REALLY scary…but awesome. I love it fantastic work! Love the teeth.

  3. oh super scary and dark Rosie!!! wonderful work!!!

  4. Oops, this looks really creepy! But it is a great piece, Rosie! Compliment!

  5. Oh my, this is so incredibly creepy…I love it!

  6. Rosie, this is fantastic! I love your background, the paint shapes on top of the script and the picture of Marie is brilliant. Great work!

  7. Great spooky image – love it!

  8. this is indeed dark, fabulous!!!!
    Hope you got my message re your generous mailing to me!!!
    Let me know!
    And , thanks again!

  9. Love the spooky image and use of string is just FAB! thanks for joinin in with the SUnday sTamper hun x

  10. Very impressive! I love it!

  11. What a fantastic collage Rosie! LOVE it!

  12. Love your ‘dark Marie’ art Rosie, wow, amazing card!

  13. Uaaaah, such a scary work, can you see the goose bumps on my skin?!


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