Scary Clowns!

That’s this week’s Sunday Postcard Art challenge… and more from me in red and black. So maybe I can sneak it into Theme Thursday too? 😉

Family Pictures

My husband has a Circus background, as a clown, so it’s no lie that this could be one of our “family pictures”, although all the images are from various black and white collage sheets available from Ten Two Studios. Lisa V. has a vast collection of dark and macabre stuff, ideal for this time of the year!!

I am in transition mode again… I have been cleaning, knitting, gardening – of the brutal variety, like moving dead stuff and making way for other stuff!  I call it “un-nesting” – that’s what I do when I feel that the time has come to move on. I’ve got my ‘restless’ socks on again… 😉

I haven’t exactly been prolifically arty lately either. DD has gone back to school, facing another tough 8 months till she can leave and go to college. DH is slowing down for the winter, but getting busier behind the scenes, raising funds (and awareness) … and me? I made a conscious decision NOT to do the Craft Fair in November. Instead, I am going to take my time building my website and putting all my saleables on there. The big handmade marketplaces are not for me, so I shall be doing my own thing.

There will be more art journalling, more fiberarts, more handmades/wearables and less stress! There will be a lot of smaller items  for sale and I have found a local guy who will help me with top quality printing (again, cutting out the middleman), and I am also going to have some of my favourite artwork printed on T-shirts so I shall be wearing original stuff! How cool is that? *grins*

I am so looking forward to the coming months! What are you up to?

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  1. I thought more people would have liked clowns but as I have been leaving comments I have found they, like me, do not! Love your card today & thanks for sharing your plans, I wish you every success, Rosie!

  2. This is fantastic, Rosie – I love the minimal colouring, and the different elements. A great postcard!
    Also, good luck with your new enterprises!

  3. Rosie, this is awesome! Gorgeous postcard!

  4. Hella

     /  October 10, 2010

    Hihi it’s a kind of funny too…like it!

  5. Yes Rosie Stephen King put me off clowns for life too…your artwork is wonderful…I love the red and black…good job.

  6. Do you ever say to DH, “stop clowin around!”
    love your card!!!
    Glad to hear you are doing what you want! Craft fairs are a LOT of work!!!!
    Fun that you will have time to build your online business, that takes time too!!!
    And, yes, Jack N as joker and heath l as joker are VERY similair!

  7. I like how you used the writing. great card.

  8. What a great looking card, I love how you personalized it!

  9. People keep mentioning Pennywise and I’ve never heard of it!

    Great card!

  10. fabulous!!!

  11. Great postcard – love the idea!

  12. What a fun piece 🙂 I too have never heard of Pennywise! But it still would not put me off clowns…when you have seen the person behind the mask so to speak it’s different…as a child we lived for a time at the winter headquarters of a circus! No circus genes in me though as my parents ran a cafe for the owners
    xoxo Sioux


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