Art, Heart & Healing

What a revelation this workshop has become – to me and to so many of us. When I signed up for the FREE 4-week art healing workshop with Tam, I had no idea how much I could/would learn…

Here’s my first therapeautic spread, in two pages of a spiral-bound journal I have “appropriated” from DD!

Having a restless soul...

I do have a restless soul, I am forever experimenting with new techniques, changing my mind… ah well, at least I can forgive myself for that now!

... and a curious mind"

I was so impressed by Hermine’s faces this week, that I knew I had to watch my videos and learn to do this. I’ve never actually painted a portrait before, but I am going to watch the video again, and read the notes again, before I do my next one! 🙂

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  1. WOW Rosie, this turned out great, love the colours you have used, gorgeous face! love it.

  2. K Hutchinson

     /  October 23, 2010

    Rosie you totally ROCKED this! Awesome face! I am having a blast in Tam’s class too! SMILE!

  3. Never painted a portrait before?? Well, methinks you must do more my friend, for you have a natural grasp.

  4. Just lovely – I especially love the warm gold tonings, and that face – wow 🙂

  5. Yes, it has been for me as well, who’d guess.
    Your spread turned up great!
    Bye, Kitty

  6. Fabulous portrait. Enjoy your class and thanks for stopping by my blog.

  7. I am having such fun with this course too – it is so theraputic

    Wish there were enough hours in the day to do more!

  8. I would have guessed that you did portraits all the time, Rosie. This is gorgeous and so is the facing page.


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