Dear Rosie…

These are all the things I wish for you:

Childhood wishes...

This is the first spread in my altered board book for Week 2 of the AHH course with Tam (Willowing).  The photos (image transfers and an old pic from 1921), represent young Rosie and the childhood I wish she had had…

Dear Rosie,

 That’s the left-hand page… and this is the right-hand page:

Happy trails

The reality wasn’t at all like this, but then, that’s the point of Art, Heart & Healing – dealing with my demons through art. Watching Tam’s videos and joyful art-making is therapeutic in itself and I have discovered that I can draw – a bit! The next phase is drawing “Whimsies” and creating a spread with them… says she who has never drawn one in her life!

I must admit that although I am not a sweet, traditional, neat creature when it comes to art, because of the grungey backgrounds and mixed media setting for these dolls and portraits, I am finding it easier to embrace the whole concept of whimsy. I hope that makes sense?

Anyway, this is also my entry to Theme ThursdayBlue – this week. Have a great weekend – me? Oh I am working again (and grateful!)  🙂

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  1. Fabulous – love the colours and images – this course is really great isn’t it.

    Hope to finish my first page over the weekend – have to wording to do yet

  2. beautiful work!

  3. Oh, Rosie, your pages are wonderful, love all the wishes for young Rosie.

  4. OOOoooh this is so beautiful, what lovely colours and great design.

  5. This spread really touched me. I wish you would have had all the things you wrote. You did a wonderful job on it.

  6. Rosie, Soooooo fabulous. I love the colors and how you’ve put the word LOVE in your background. The photos are fabulous, too. (I’m laughing because I used blue spirals on the border of my week two page …. I really can’t remember if I saw your page before and internalized them unconciously… or what! If so, thanks!)

  7. Very sweet and creative!

  8. Have you ever deemed putting more video clips in your content to help keep the readers much more entertained? I mean I just read over the article of yours and it was really excellent but since I’m really a visual learner,I found that to be more helpful. Just my my idea, Good luck


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