Abstract ATC

I was reading Art Trader Magazine  [Issue 11] and fell in love with a couple of abstract art ATCs in the mag. Very simple to make – matboard/mountboard ATC bases, mixed scraps of paper, text pages, old maps, etc.; a good gel medium or similar and mark making tools (paintbrush handles, bottle tops, that sort of thing!):

Cover your base with scraps of torn paper, stuck down with a glue stick. Slap on a coat of gel medium, dense enough to make marks in.  Poke the ends of brushed in the gel medium layer, drag a plastic card through it, make marks and then… WALK AWAY! In other words, let it dry in peace, till it’s clear and you can see the collaged papers through it.

**I made mine in the evening and left it till the following day to go back and finish. Paint the ATC in your favourite shimmery paints – I used Stewart Gill’s silver and turquoise. I let each coat dry inbetween and wiped some of in places to see the collage beneath. Scanning never shows the shimmer, does it?! You can just see a little text and some music peeping through!

I also rubbed a graphite crayon over the raised areas to show the lovely lines and marks. You could use charcoal or a wax crayon too! By the way, in case you didn’t know, the magazine is free to download. Just follow my link! 🙂

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  1. Rosie…thanks for writing about this. I’m going to try this. This is wonderful texture….love it!!!

  2. How cool, wonderful texture.


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