Inspiration puff!

I had no idea what to call this… it’s a stuffed, soft, squishy tear-shaped fabric hanger which I made for my car yeaterday. I had the idea of making small cushions and more tactile hanging things for cars, istead of those nasty “smellies”…

And here’s the back:

Simply red?!

I like to sew the majority by machine – remember, patience is not my friend and my evenings are spent knitting DH’s Aran Tank at the moment – nearly finished the back. I now remember why I don’t knit for him more often – men are so big/long!!!

Here’s a second abstract ATC made in a similar fashion to the first, just less textured. I used up the tiny bit of gel medium left over from the first one!! I really hate to waste supplies, especially the expensive ones!


As my little Nissan is going for a service today, I am popping into the friendly printer’s place to collect a few more samples and chat with him. He has found me a local chap (whom Nick and I already know, funnily enough!), to print my designs on bags and T-shirts, so I shall have to do some costing and get a sample as soon as I can. 😉

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