Am I Whimsical???

I would have said, “No, Rosie, you aren’t whimsical.” But that was before I came under the Tam-fluence! That was before I learned how to draw a face, any face, a basic face. The more I do this, the more I enjoy it. I spent all day today with 4 characters (one of whom represents me as a girl), patiently shading and colouring and messing up and trying again!

Here come the girls...

Cue that annoying Boots advert music. I say annoying because it’s been running through my mind most of this afternoon!

Alison and me...

I’m the blonde with the bunches!

Nandini and Chris

Alison, on the far left became an auto mechanic, but in our day, finding work in that field was just too difficult so she retrained as a WP operator/secretary and earned much more! My friend Nandini was very brainy, of Indian parents and wanted to become a doctor. No idea what happened to her, sadly, but I might have a look for her on Facebook. Chris on the right was the real “blonde”, wanted to be a police officer and I simply lost touch after we left school…

None of us “fitted in” with the cool girls – we were either too geeky, or too goody-goody! That was what united us for a few years – we were each other’s coping mechanism for a while back then.

Class resumes again tomorrow and I can’t wait to see what we do this week. There are 1145 members at the time of writing this post!

Willow away, Tam!! xoxoxo  🙂

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  1. Rosie, I’m missing words, your painting is wonderful, such little whimsical girls.

  2. Absolutely amazing – I just love them. I have only managed one so far – three to go and next week has started already!


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