I’m shy, MaryEllen, I’m shy…

But in the interests of Art and self-promotion, this is what I shall be wearing today – my art on a black Tee, or T-shirt! And here I am folks!

Oh yes, it's really me!!

And even then, although I knew Nick was taking my photo, I still look surprised! Doh!

"be beautiful"...

And this is what’s on the back of my sample…!!

Text me and order yours!!

It’s so exciting and next week we’re producing calendars for 2011… oh my!! 🙂

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  1. Pat

     /  November 13, 2010

    Glad your no shrinking violet Rosie, love and luck today. Pat xxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. This is GREAT, Rosie! Took a tour of your new website and loved every minute of it! I haven’t been blogging or visiting blogs in so long that I almost feel like a newbie again leaving a comment here, but you continue to “WOW” me with your artwork and your creative energy, so I had to take the plunge again. Who knows, maybe I’ll even make a post of my own one of these days soon, that is, as soon as I clear the weeds that have been growing around my pitifully neglected blog. In the meantime, you ROCK!

    • Thank you Barbara! That means so much – especially coming from you, my friend! We need a catch-up badly!! xo

  3. You look absolutely Gorgeous Rosie – and aren’t you clever making the tee shirt.

    I have to wear long sleeves all the time – what a great idea to wear a top underneath!

    I honestly have never thought of that – and shied away fro T shirts

    • Lottie – the Tee is factory made, but the artwork on it has been printed by someone who puts graphics onto clothing (very well)! Glad I solved a clothing issue for you though!! 😉

  4. Good for you…new business ideas, new tee shirt…It’s so cute and so are you!

  5. FABULOUS!!!!
    BOTH YOU AND YOUR ART!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Such a fantastic idea… your T-Shirt and you – great team 😉

  7. Lovely shirt, Rosie! Great to see you. xo

    • Thank you Julie – takes a bit of getting used to though – seeing myself on my own screen! 😉

  8. Love your t-shirt Rosie – what a great idea!


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