The second green glove…

I know, right? The plot thickens… I was doing stage 2 in the relief ATCs I am working on and I remembered the new (to me!) challenge – “Take a Word”. This week’s word is “Men”, so back to the books I went and created a quirky little ATC:

Snubby was now watching, silent...

And this is one of those lovely relief ATCs – the only one that’s two-toned:

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  1. A wonderful ATC Rosie – this has a perfect vintage charm with its beautiful colors and use of print and imagery!

  2. Beautiful work again Rosie. Love your Man card! xx

  3. Rosie, your card is superb. I love the design and colouring and use of text – everything perfect. Fantastic artwork.

    And then I saw the card below which is amazing. The textures are stunning and the colours are wonderful. I don’t know how you achieve the “relief” look but it is superb.

  4. great atc ‘s Rosie, LOVE the man one especially!

  5. They’re both great, Rosie, but I LOVE Snubby!! And of course the orange background, too!!!

  6. Ah, that Snubby, he’s a silent one….but always watching. I’m not sure I entirely trust him. Fun ATC, Rosie…and the relief ATC is a beauty to behold!! Great work.

  7. This relief technique is brilliant!

  8. Two different but two wonderful ATCs.

  9. ooooh Rosie…gorgeous work me lovely. I love the first atc but the second one blew me away!! What amazing colour and texture…way to go… really stunning art missus:D
    Chris xx

  10. Wow, Rosie – wonderful work. I love the first ATC – the layering and humour and the second is fantastic with the lovely textures and colours.


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