“Home” for the holidays!

I could seriously be related to The Grinch… albeit distantly, maybe only metaphorically really. I am very “Bah Humbug”, don’t like the commercialisation of Christmas and resist buying Christmassy stuff like the devil! However, I do ‘glow’ a little when putting up the tree and I like hearing carols on the radio, so I have a sneaking suspicion that my lack of enthusiasm is due to the fact that DD’s too old for ‘proper’ xmas and Nick and I really have most of the things we ‘need’ now.

So, anyway, here’s my Christmas House/Home (Take a Word), for the holiday season, made from a 5″ x 4″ chunk of wood, covered with a xmas napkin and embellished, front, back and sides:

It’s real “brass monkey” weather here at the moment, although our part of Cornwall hasn’t really had any snow (yet!)… but the ice is thicker than I’ve ever seen it before! Apparently this is the earliest it has snowed in the UK for some 17 years. Looks like we’ll have a pretty awful, extended winter and to be honest, that’s not much to look forward to, is it? Any  monies will have to be carefully saved in order to pay the bills, never mind anything else…

Ah well, at least we have a roof over our heads, unlike the homeless… and there’s a lady (DaliGoddess), who’s part of the LMM group on ning (Gary Reef aka Capricorn Artist’ group), who knits brilliant hats. She also donates hats to homeless people in the winter, so you could always follow suit if you knit quick enough, or help someone else and buy them a winter hat, or a scarf. It’s going to be really cold I think and we need to look out for one another this winter.

All my neighbours are older than us, so I shall be on the lookout in case anyone needs a hand. And everyone gets a big, big smile from now on, whatever their demeanour!! (I could end up with lockjaw… we’ll see!) 🙂

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  1. Really adorable and timely!

  2. it’s gorgeous!!!

  3. Pat

     /  November 29, 2010

    like your Christmas block/house.

  4. Your napkin pieces are amazing, Rosie. Beautiful! AND, you’ve given me a great idea for use for my bits of leftover yarn. I’ve been on a crochet kick lately, and after 3 afghans for Christmas gifts and 3 vest sweaters for myself, making hats for the homeless is the most perfect idea! Thanks!

  5. These homes are delightful and filled with Christmas spirit Rosie…really beautiful work! I agree completely about feeling “bah humbug” I loved Christmas when it was a simple glad holiday…when a kids Christmas list wasn’t three yards long and the first item on the list didn’t involve taking out a second mortgage…Christmas I am afraid has become too much of a good thing for me…LOL…but Happy Holidays anyway!!

  6. Rosie, you house is fabulous! Love how you have used the napkin.
    I couldn’t agree more about the commercialisation of Christmas. Hope your jaw survives!

  7. For someone who says they’re related to Scrooge you sure do make some beautiful Christmas art! I love this. Way to use napkins- smart art.

  8. Wow, Rosie, fantastic pieces.

  9. What a wonderful idea! You made it look inviting even if it is winter. Burrrrr.

  10. I’ve scrolled through your blog for a while Rosie because I’ve missed so many posts.
    I’m glad that I could catch up a little.
    Kind greetings from me.

  11. Beautiful Rosie – I love it – he’s the epitome of Santa – we’ve got the snow today – off to the pub to help them put up their decorations – shoudl be fun – stay warm x

  12. Rosie – re commercialism at Christmas – I agree and this year my close friends will be getting home made chutneys, christmas puddings, smoked fish that Jon has caught and other home-made goodies – like you there is nothing I need and neither do my pals – but food is always welcome no. WE should start a campaign! lol!

    • What a great idea Fi! I am making a few art pins and this year will totally handmade. I shall not be sending out xmas cards either… ‘o)

  13. I think we are kindred spirits, Rosie! Bah humbug was invented for me. The commercialisation and hype of Christmas drives me around the bend!!
    Your pictures are warm, inviting and scrumptious. I love them – a lot!! Thanks for bringing us back to earth! As always your artwork is stunning and it packs a punch.


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