Angels and Other Dimensions…

Wednesday Stamper – “Heavenly Creatures” and TMTA – “White”, this week…

So sad...

The stamp is one of my all-time faves – Cherry Pie Artstamps and is always used at this time of the year… And now for something completely different – as we fans of Monty Python’s Flying Circus say! Tell me what you see in these 3D, dimensional pieces, whether it be aliens, pretty colours, my obsession with sequin waste in the white spots, or just another batch of  miniature art?

Busy, doing...

A telling-off?


I managed to get quite a bit further today, after the chores were done. I am still working on the 3D row of houses, still painting the large canvas background for my angel and there is more dimensional artwork on my table, drying!

I am inspired again, to work in the small amounts of time that I have at the moment, probably due to the accident I had yesterday. A boy ran into my car on the way home from school and DD and I were very shaken up. I called the Police to report it, have to replace a wing mirror which he smashed in the process and he, himself got away with a couple of bruises. In over 35 years of driving, I have never, ever had an accident. Now, maybe all those stupid parents who park directly outside the school – illegally, on double yellow lines – will have the decency to use the designated, (free), bloody car park in future…

The Policeman said they will start issuing tickets/fines to those who continue to park there, but… it probably won’t last long. Duh!

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  1. I like your ATC! Very nice.

  2. They all look fantastic

  3. beautiful angel atc

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