Christmas Angels…

I know I am bah humbug and all that, but every now and then I fall in love with an idea, an image, or artwork just comes together for me. I really love Marina’s sad/weeping angel stamp (as I have said before!) and when I created this ATC , I kept it standing on my desk. It’s so peaceful and it calms me…

I had the idea that I would love it for xmas postcards, so I went into Photoshop, created a “New” page – A4 size – and opened the original ATC file. I calculated the size I needed to make a sheet of 4 postcards on the sheet …

angels x 4!

And then of course, I needed to find a template for the back… and I did! I googled “postcard” and found a template, saved it and checked that the sizing was correct for an A4 sheet of paper/cardstock. Here’s what it looks like…

This turned out to be one of the most satisfying, and digitally straightforward, things I have created for a long time. A simple solution and you can print as many or as few as you wish/need!

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