My own childhood, (theme for Take a Word), varied between the sublime and the ridiculous… went from one extreme to another. It’s a mark left indeliby on me forever and not in such a good way, either. I cannot pretend that there were no ‘highs’, but there were just as many lows, possibly more because of their intensity. However, those responsible have long passed, so I try not to dwell on the past too often.

My most memorable Christmases were spent in Berlin – Britz – the old part, complete with frozen duckpond, baker’s and my grandmother’s “haunted cellar”!! I think she said that in case we ventured down there and drank her home-brewed wines and beers…

So, this tiny canvas came together in chaos but I really like it. The main image is from Crafty Individuals and I used fired brick distress ink to colour the background.


I have been rather inspired by Tim Holtz’s 12 Tags of Christmas again this year. What an all-round super guy he is!

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  1. This is beautiful! I’m very picky about photography in general, and I don’t get the fantastic rush that everyone else seems to get with vintage photographs, but this one is an exception! So much atmosphere, that it isn’t really a portrait, it’s more like a story. I do appreciate the atmospheric ones, and apply the same taste to vintage as I do to modern photography. It’s less the subject for me, and more the composition and whether or not it touches a chord. This one evokes an entire symphony, and I love how you’ve used it and incorporated it into your beautiful background.

    • Thanks Barbara… I agree with you and I think Crafty Individuals excel with their “miniature” series. Much more revolves around the atmosphere and effects as opposed to just the subject! =)

  2. A delight!!!

  3. What a beautiful creation I especially love the use of colours.
    a great art xork

  4. Hi Rosie…I like your picture…great layers colors and embellishments…great job!!!

  5. I love the somewhat grungy background, the bold color, and the understated photo. Beautiful work, Rosie!

  6. Gorgeous… lovely use of colors & materials. lol… Bless Sir Holtz!

  7. Hi Rosie. What a beautiful art piece. Love your creativity and as always your work is fabulous. Hugs, Gayle.

  8. What a treasure, Rosie, love the bold colours – beautiful!

  9. I really like this one! No matter how good or bad a childhood we always have someone we were in it with though! those kids are the perfect image with Together!

  10. The colors are wonderful and I just love the picture. A real treasure.

  11. A small delightful treasure Rosie! I love it.xx

  12. taluula

     /  December 13, 2010

    Sometimes I think the best art comes from a troubled childhood Rosie. This is magnificent, then everything you do IS! Wonderful.

  13. Just beautiful, love the image and the texture.

  14. I really like this too, Rosie! Love the colour scheme, your background and the textural elements of it. Brilliant!

  15. This is a treasure Rosie- very beautiful!

  16. Rosie, the memories of your childhood are touching and beautifully written. Your artpiece is exquisite in every way and the images you have chosen are so wistful which is the mood I am sure you were looking for. Your blog is a joy to visit. I love your work.


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