To create or not to create?

That, my friends, is the question. Whether ’tis possible inbetween the housework, the “taxi” duties, the shopping and the cooking, to suffer the release of “creative angst” or to knit it out whilst worrying about the weather? Whether I will have made and wrapped pressies in time for giving to non-family next week… Whether I will have wrapped family pressies and completed the shopping on Monday (look for me at 8am in Morrison’s in Bude!!!!)… and then of course, whether we shall be working on Tuesday and Wednesday next week – weather-permitting, of course!

All that aside, here are a couple of pics of fabric coaster presents I have made this week:

Cottage-style, shabby-chic!

I have 3 of these, though I swear there were 4 originally, which just shows my “state of mind”!

Retro - liquorice!!

Paradoxically, I have 5 of these – 4 to give and the first one was a “test run”! I found the idea and a fab tutorial at The Tip Junkie website. (Gifts to make)*

Happy Holidays! 🙂

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