Season’s Greetings – onwards!!

I wish you all a Joyous Chritsmas Holiday and the Happiest of New Years…. Happy Whatever it is you celebrate!! xoxoxo

And now I am looking ahead to January – yes, already!! I have joined a couple of creatively important, (for me), groups:

1. The Sketchbook Challenge, which you can read about HERE.

This appeals to me for its monthly commitment – new themes every month, new ideas, tips and tutorials – exciting! And, bonus – FREE!! Prizes aswell… cool!! =)

2. Art Journal Every Dayanother commitment to “doing” art every day, in whatever form, in an art journal, for the entire month of January!! Yay! I decided this one would be a fun class to take because of the “pressure” (totally self-imposed) I shall be under to stick to it; and also I love Julie’s hectic, no-nonsense, fun-filled approach to art. I feel an instant bond with her because she’s self-taught, and has leanerned most of what she creates from books and experimenting! Uber-cool! I completely relate to that and face it, she’s in NYC and I’m in Cornwall… how else do I get to learn from her???

Check out THIS POST… and spot my spread!!!! I love that format and shall be making another long, tall, skinny journal for January!!

Merry Christmas!

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