Sketchbook Challenge & Day#1 of Art Journal Every Day!

My bestest blogging pal in all the world told me that she tries to draw every day. I am lazy. There, I said it! I am lazy – too lazy to draw every day… and I have high expectations of myself too! I could be really good because I have a gift, but no, I am squandering that gift. Not any more – all that is going to change this year. Starting today, right now, I am going to draw every day and spend 10 minutes doing something in one of my Art journals.

I am yet to address this first month’s theme, which is “Highly Prized”, but I’m not bothered at the moment because the mere act of putting pens/paint/pencil to paper daily will already be a prize in and of itself – “Me” time! 🙂

It’s hard to know where to start; daunting to know what I want from these 2 things, being a perfectionist, because I always want to create something really good, really finished, really… really what? Why am I making art that may please other people and never making art for me? Is that crazy?

Note to self: Julie did say I should ask myself questions… *grins* Well, in an effort to get into the right frame of mind, I took my M & R book that I learnt to make from Kelly Kilmer and started to “sketch”. The tiny strip is what  wrote to define the purpose of this book/journal:

start small, babysteps...

All the pages are watercolour 140lb cold-pressed paper, and all are different sizes!!! The book’s covers are made from a cut-down scrabble board – recycle is still my mantra!

life continues to grow...

Page#2 is about how I feel and doodling with watercolour pencils of varying cost and quality. I wanted to see which ones I like best. And then there’s the black pen… I have a thing for black pens – can’t get those Sharpie poster paint pens here and that’s a crime against art- journallers to my way of thinking – so I am constantly searching for my ideal black pen!! It’s not easy – I use a lot of acrylics normally and most pens won’t write on top of that.

Birdie, boxes and bubbles?

A little more comfortable maybe, using what I love and know well – my own handcarved birdie stamp and my round rose-y doodles! It’ll be interesting to see what I “draw” later and whether or not I revert to slapping down some paint or being dainty with my watercolours!! Onwards and upwards! 😉

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  1. ha, a fresh start!! i will follow you with interest…
    i can relate to so many of your statements: the black-pen-drama, the *i-must-be-perfect*-thing… wish i could let loose a bit more…
    i have never been drawing or doodling myself (that´s why i have a LOT of rubber stamps;)), but this year i might try a teeny-tiny bit of this… just ordered a book of carla sonheim… will see if it is my thing…
    wish you fun with your resolution… have a creative 2011!

    • Thanks Johanna!! I listened to an interview with Carla recently and tried my hand at drawing a Picasso dog, but I really hated it, so I think it’s not my style of book… but I wish you luck and creativity too! =)
      Happy New Year!

  2. Love your blog Rosemary and I too am an art journaler – less brave than you though – I have many ‘unfinished’ pages and do not blog them … yet! I also want to journal everyday or at least most days.

    Black pens – try the Pilot Permaball and Sharpie ultrafine (both from Cult Pens who give a fantastic service) – both of these write on acrylic and are not expensive. I am frustrated re the Sharpie poster paint pens but have tried the Uni POSCA which I get in black and white and it seems pretty good – got these at local Hobbycrafts but also at Cult Pens. I think we ‘know’ each other through a mutual online group.

    Hope you have a happy 2011

    Best wishes Jacqui

    • Thanks Jacqui! Happy New Year to you too! I shall go look at Cult Pens and mention that you rec’d them… I have bought a white Posca from Jacksons Art online, which does work well, but it isn’t as fine as I’d like, so I am using Signo white and a Uniball Eye (rec’d by Tam), which works well over watercolour. I am always up for spending money on good pens!!!

  3. Draw On, Rosie!! What a great idea to use your M&R book! Your sketches are lovely, and your colors are heaven! I haven’t even made that book yet, but I LOVE what you’re doing with yours!! My perfection/lazy streak doesn’t affect my drawing, but it smashes my blog posts to smithereens. I have such a hard time uploading photos and grinding out the posts. I edit and censor every word and every pixel, and of course it doesn’t make it better; just different. So then I stop blogging for awhile because sitting that long at the computer eats into my drawing time. We all have our rough spots. For the new year, I shall try to take courage from your post and *try* to be less critical of myself when faced with Typepad’s compose editor. As for the black pen, I’m head-over-heels in love with my Rapidograph! I use a .05. It’s great over everything but glue. And I’ve never had clogging issues, but I use it daily. Even when not drawing with it, I take it out and make a mark or two to keep it flowing freely, and it has worked for years. Happy new year, my friend!!

    • Barbara, that book has been begging for “sketches” ever since I made it! It’s such an unintimidating size to start off with too and it encouraged me to work on 3 little pages without hitting “the white wall”, where the page is toooo big!
      Glad to see you recognised yourself as my BBFF!!I shall have to try out a Rapidograph – always been intimidated by the fact that they are technical drawing pens… daft, innit?!
      Happy New Year to you too, my friend! 🙂

  4. Fantastic intention 🙂 A draw every day, I’ll keep my eye on your daily drawings 🙂 Love your today’s paintings, great spring feeling…. oh, I’m looking forward to spring.

  5. Wowser!!

  6. Your friend is wise! It is hard but I count doodling on an old envelope as drawing ! I was in an art journaling challenge in which I was given a prompt every week and had to do an entry. I only got to 45 52 weeks was the challenge I will finish it though! lol good luck with the advice and I love your paintings!

  7. oh wow, that’s a perfect highly prized entry. good luck with doing it every day. i saw the wp blog challenge, but clicked happily away. once done a blog a day challenge for a month – too much for me. those strips are fab, and kelly is a great artist and teacher. how lucky are you! i signed up though for carla’s silly 3, but never with the intention of sitting down daily. let’s see what will happen. good luck and don’t give up.

    • Thanks Belinda! I hope you enjoy Carla’s class. I think I am too old-fashioned maybe. I even try to humanise my whimsies!! 🙂


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