AJED#4 with a twist!

So, onwards and upwards… Day 4 of Art Journalling Every Day and I am also blogging every day too! I have a non-art blog where things that I find funny, interesting, annoying, etc. go. WP issued all WP bloggers with a challenge this year – to post every day or to post every week. It’s very easy to start a blog and then later, find it can be difficult to keep blogging. The trick is not feel guilty about it, one way or the other…

Anyways, I digress. I am not a great goal-setter or resolution-maker. I always aim too big and get really fed up when I fail to make the (often unrealistic), goal I set myself! It’s human, isn’t it? I think I have enough auto-critical stuff going on in my art without setting myself up in every other area too, don’t you?! So, I found this lovely, sensible, arty lady called Sharon, who shares her wisdom on her blog – My Story Art.

Sharon is showing me a new way forward this year… and here’s one of the journal exercises I did yesterday: Step 1 – Take an Inventory…

All this... from 2010!

I took an old A4-sized French Kitty Diary (where I dabbled with a bit of journalling last year), and stuck down some plain paper to cover the print, and also the Questions I had copied into Word and printed out. I worked quite freely through the exercise, trying to focus on the positive and left space at the bottom for a little arti-phi-cation!

I am peeping out into 2011!

I have always loved that *eyes*stamp and I didn’t even think too hard about my choices, but they feel right and I really like how the page turned out! I adore the colour orange – ever since someone told me it’s the colour of creativity!! – so when I am not sure what colour I need, I invariably plump for the orange! In keeping with that I doodled a tiny orange flower at the end of each statement too!

Sharon’s process is sneakier than bare-faced Goal-Setting… and I suspect we shall end up doing just that eventually; we’ll simply arrive there at a slower pace, with less stress, knowing exactly how we came to those conclusions. Well, I think that’s the idea, anyway! 🙂

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  1. Hi Rosie…thanks for coming by. I have joined AJED as well as Traci Bautista’s art journaling.

    The change of eating does work…it’s not fast but you will see results if you stay with it. I love your page…the eyes make it. I have a (?)….how do you do links like you have in the above post? I haven’t learned that trick. See ya around AJED. I may not be able to do it everyday after I start an online class next week.

  2. keep hanging in there. as with every diet, the first days and week especially are the most difficult. don’t give up yet. keep going. i really really loved your stips. you got it and it will be worth it

  3. This is the second time I’ve come back to look at this, Rosie! What a gorgeous, wonderful page! And it’s ORANGE! Still my biggest crush color. You said, “and I am also blogging every day too”, which of course makes you my heroine, since it’s more my fantasy than my practice, but I’m giving it a go……along with AJED, which I’ll probably manage, just maybe won’t get it into every blog post…fall down, get up, fall down, get up, get up, etc. LOL!

    • Oh bless you Barbara!! You are MY heroine – you support me every step of the way and somehow, when I begin to doubt myself or feel I’ve bitten off more than I can chew, you appear in my comment box with your pom-poms and cheer me on!
      Hugs xoxoxo

  4. I LOVE your recent journal pages!


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