It’s really part of day 4 but I am trying to spread these out a bit as some days I have less time and no time at all! That’s life, innit? So here’s another question answered…


The tag is recycled from a T-shirt we bought for DH! Sometimes these “No Fear” labels and tags make the difference between saying yes or no to buying the Tee!!  I know that sounds silly, but, there was a time when that applied, honestly!!

So here, “Love is…” = “No Fear”. The tag and stamps say it all, don’t they? 🙂

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  1. Oh i really love this

  2. I’m loving your journaling style, Rosie! Very uniquely you, and truly wonderful! Do you tend to write first then the artwork? Or is it the other way around? Or do you go back and forth from words to pics and back to words, etc. (which is how I usually work)? Just curious about how everyone settles into the method that works best for them personally.

    • For this series of exercise – remember the whole thing’s 5 stages long – I am printing out the questions and then writing the answers. So the artwork and embellishment comes 2nd. Normally, I start with a theme or a conceot and it just sort of happens. First the colour, then the stamps then the words!! I’d say everything is relative… if you know what I mean – and I bet you understand!! xoxoxo


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