Creating balance…

I think if I strive for anything at all this year, it will be balance and harmony. I shall try my best to make sure that nothing negative influences or impacts on our homelife, whether business or personal. It’s far too easy for ‘people’ to think they know you or your business or your family based a few comments and then they have the cheek to judge, belittle and condemn. Where are the boundaries? If it means I have to be a bit less open and friendly, then so be it… After all, by confiding too much in people, you leave yourself wide open to criticism and abuse. Enough!

"Create balance in my life and relationships"

Lots of striped washes with my watercolour palette. They dry really chalky till you start putting other media on them! However, for more discreet journalling, they take pencil very well…

The quotes are courtesy of Sharon House’s My Story Art site, as I continue working my way towards the last of the 5 stages of Goal Setting for 2011 (the sneaky way!).

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  1. This is really wonderful, Rosie! I love the bars of text at the top with the red circles/sprials balancing them. And your lovely lady balancing questions with exclaimations! Very beautiful and beautifully illustrative of your subject! XOXO

    • Thanks Barbara… she’s a bit wonky, but then that’s quite illustrative of balancing, innit? ‘o)

  2. K Hutchinson

     /  January 10, 2011

    This page is FABULOUS! I love your girl and the layout of your page- it is very balanced! Great job! I wish you much success this year! HUGS!

  3. *Scatter looks up* what they said!!

    Truly I like this one!!! The colors are striking, the quotes are great! She/You is/are adorable!

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