5 things or more…

More journalling in pencil on the opposite page to yesterday’s. This is where I answer the questions (aka prompts) from Sharon. To create the page, I simply pasted the printed out questions, then painted the background in varying shades of green – green and purple are the Feng Shui colours of abundance, so I am using them in this exercise…

What 5 things...?

I confess to finding great beauty and serenity in the colour green. It’s the colour of growth, renewal, new shoots and there are so many varieties of greens, I could probably use it for a complete canvas! I wrote in pencil again and I have used some beautiful stamps – Diva Impressions top right is one of my faves. The rest are either by Personal Impressions (butterfly), Cherry Pie or Home Impressions. The doodling is a white Signo gel pen and a darker green triplus fineliner from a set by Staedtler. Love my pens!!

Beautiful is the theme for Take a Word this week. See everyone’s entries on the blog.

**** NB: I just wanted to add a link HERE to Neil Pasricha’s talk on TED.com, which is funny and inspirational. I thoroughly recommend you sit and listen to his talk for the 17 minutes duration – I am sure, like me, that you’ll end up with a smile on your face! 😉

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  1. This is amazing – I really must get back to making time to ‘play’ and journal – it is so hard though when you have lots going on isn’t it

    • Yes Lottie, it is, but to be honest if you do it using words and prompts or even questions, you can pencil in your thoughts and then embellish away in stages. When I am busy (and that’s more often than not!), I work in stages like this… I stamp the date I actually finish the page – Delivered 10.01.2011, etc.

  2. love it, journaling is full of beauty.

  3. Rosie, I had every intention of doing Sharon’s prompts also, but I’m having so much fun organizing my life vicariously through your posts, that I’m not sure I’m going to start my own–especially at this late date. Your pages are so delicious! And you have achieved the perfect balance of artful composition with practical information! Not easy to do, my friend, but you’ve mastered it!!

    • You say the nicest things Barbara!! I am so happy to have been useful AND decorative! Lol!!! I have enjoyed this very practical approach to goal-setting. I found the whole “WORD” concept just too focussed. Having one word to encapsulate my life has always been impossible, so why would 2011 be any different? Heehee!!

  4. Yes, yes, yessss… I just took a look at your art and posts – spending a lovely amount of time here on your blog, and I’m in ooh and aawwwe… You definitely have me as a follower! So nice, to discover colourful and meaningful new artists on a grey Wednesdaymorning!


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