In stages…Step 5

Under pressure this week, not enough time or energy to complete the spread, so I painted the background and prepared the way…

What stands out for you?

I start each of these exercises by cutting out the questions I need to answer. I stick these to my painted background and then answer them in pencil. Then while I think about what I’ve written (or not!), I have fun embellishing the page… Here’s what the printed out sheet looked like before I cut it up:

All the information can be found on Sharon’s blog – I just chose the parts I wanted to work through/with/on…

This side – another WIP – will probably have a “person” in the “frame”. I haven’t quite decided whether it’ll be painted on top of the centre, or whether I’ll draw and paint it on paper and then stick it into the frame. I suppose it depends on where my Muse takes me tomorrow! 😉

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  1. gorgeous vibrant colours! I like that the lined paper shows through

    • Thanks Sarah – I like the weird texture of this paper too… It’s an old A4 sized Diary that I bought a few years ago for my DD. When she’d finished with it, I took it back cos I love the French Kittys!!

  2. Hi Rosie, I was just thinking what Sharon said. Gorgeous colors, and of course I love the heart! XOXO

  3. You are really and truly excelling at your journalling – such amazing and varied work – gorgeous

    • Lottie, I think the secret is the happy bold and vibrant colours. They are lifting my spirit!! 🙂


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