Blue and the Jesterbird…

What a great title for a book, no? I have been trying to draw every day, but it’s really more like every week I make a concerted effort to start and complete a drawing from scratch. Blue was born from a fertile imagination, and a desire to draw faces in monochrome to practise shading on a different level. That sounds a bit serious, but I was really playing with media again!

Blue and the Jesterbird

This is them just painted last night. They appear in the centre of my M & R Book, along with “What?” – hence the line down the centre, which is the waxed thread I use when making my own books… Here they are collaged. Blue is saddened by the music of the Jesterbird, so he sings her The Flight of the Bumblebee to cheer her up…

The Flight of the bumblebee...

I don’t think the music has quite had its effect on Blue, but maybe, in time…

Music is this week’s Wednesday Stamper theme and as bees and flowers remind me of “Spring”, I thought it would fit nicely with this week’s Theme Thursday.

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  1. great painting!

  2. Rosie, I’m missing words, your painting is fantastic.

  3. Rosie,what a beautiful painting!!! I want to start painting again myself, but somehow I always ‘block’… I envy you for naming it ‘playing’ and make such a beautiful page!! Aaahhh… and you bind your own books too?!! The thread gives it just the personal ‘me’ touch, don’t you think? I alway love that in my own books! I wish you a great weekend!

  4. love your are so gifted

  5. I love your painting and the small music notes.

  6. I love your drawing and that you keep at it!!!
    If you make this one in to a t-shirt I will buy one, it’s wonderful!!!!

  7. Rosie, this is so wonderful! Amazingly wonderful! You need to write! Seriously! Your imagination is phenomenal, and you can put together a captivating story and illustrate it beautifully. So you need to take one of your handmade books, and fill it with your own illustrated stories. Please say you’ll do it!! XOXO

  8. Gorgeous spread!

  9. I agree with Barbara. Your art tells a beautiful story. I love where your art has gone, Rosie!

  10. Lovely painting! Well done. Love the colours you have chosen.

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