Good intentions!

For Crazy Amigos this week, these two are little sketches I made last night in an old “Moon Diary” which I bought a few years ago. It’s much too sweet to throw out so I decided to use it for sketching. In my bid to improve my drawing skills this year, I intend to try and draw/sketch something every day and the art journal every day; I am not doing badly so far – at least my “faces” are improving!!

Titanic 2 - booooring movie!!

She’s quite cute, but not quite there yet!! This next one, however, would make a fitting girlfriend for “What?”:

Miss Who?

I’m just using pencils and a rubber, employing the techniques I learnt from Tam at Willowing. I love her style! 🙂

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  1. I love that you’re sketching so often! I saw the second sketch on FB late last night and thought she was part of the calendar itself, so I didn’t comment …but she’s yours! I’d love to have a calender illustrated with Miss Who? ! Love the way she’s divided by the lines on the paper. Give a ruler effect and looks like her height is being measured by the page.

  2. dutchstamptramp

     /  January 19, 2011

    Fabulous Rosie! Looking forward to see more of your sketches

  3. I started sketching too last week, but somehow I left it alone since then… I know I should practice more often. Maybe I will now that I see your pages. I’d like to sketch such cuties as you do… so I will have to go practice-practice-practice…

  4. ohh, very good intentions… i bought carla sonheim´s “drawing lab” book and want to give it a try – but so far always other things come in my way…

  5. Rosie, your girls are wonderful and cute…love both of these pages!!!

  6. I just love the delight of this!

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