Drama Queens!

I am still decluttering, tidying and sorting out my artspace. I have too much stash, some of which I’ve had for over 5 years… and a lot that I haven’t used for 12 months or so, and it has to stop! I do love altering things, but I must stop accumulating things to alter…!

I have had these wooden leaves for at least a year and the furthest I got to making anything out of them was to give them a blue colourwash – impressive, huh?!!! So today was the day, inbetween tidying, I decided to alter them, using mainly stuff I had on my desk or within arm’s reach anyway! I had one narrow leaf which looks like an oak leaf to me – that’s how “Annie Oakleaf” (aka Annie Oakley), was born!

Annie Oakleaf - Drama Queen!

She is in fact from the Drama Queens collage set by Alphastamps (like Frances!). Here’s a closer view:

The beads in her costume inspired me to use clear microbeads sprinkled into the varnish. Photographing them with the flash makes them bounce around, but they are much more subtle in real life!

These 3 Drama Queens are also from that same set, but they are all much smaller images and I had a larger leaf area to cover, so I chose to use all three…

Drama Queens

Here’s a close up of the ladies – all for the sake of the Take a Word challenge prompt – “Botanical”!!

I coloured the little metal flowers with meadow and lettuce alcohol inks and then added a bead to the centres once they were stuck down securely. When I’m collaging on anything other than paper/card, I always use Gel medium (Golden by choice) as my collage glue. I trust it implicitly and nothing has ever fallen off yet…!

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  1. L-O-V-E Annie Oakleaf Drama Queen, the colors, the glimmer, the image, e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g!!!!!
    Your art is very inspiring. Glad you are using what you have to make such gorgeous ART!

  2. A great and very beautiful illustration of botanical!
    Love it.

  3. What a fabulous creative take on the theme and good for you using up your old stuff. I should do the same…

  4. This is so creative and stunning in concept and design – love your tale of Annie Oakley Rosie!

  5. Fabulous take on the ‘Botanical’ theme, Rosie!

  6. Hi Rosie.
    It’s been a while since I visit you so I had to catch up your earlier work !
    Your love-tag is also my kind of stuf (loved the grunge feeling) and Madam Butterfly looked Awesome !!

    But these leaves are top of the bill !! I like the bright blue colours and was wondering if you made a few more.
    I would be great for the OWOH event !

  7. I love the wonderful blue you chose for your leaves, and Annie Oaklead — well what’s not to love? As usual, original and creative!

  8. You haven’t lost your touch, girlfriend! What an amazing project for the Botanical theme, Rosie. I love what you have created so beautifully. The shimmer and shine show up so nicely too…great artwork. Hope all is well. Miss you. Hugs, Gayle.

  9. You have the best vibrant blues and greens I’ve ever seen! XOXO

  10. How cool, love both leaves… the colours and images are fantastic.

  11. fantastic!!!!! cool idea, and this vibrant blue is just my color!

  12. Absolutely stunning work….love the textures achieved!

  13. Wonderful work! Great idea. Love the blue!! xx

  14. Fantastic, Rosie. What a great idea

  15. The depth of your creativity continues to astound me, Rosie. I love your blue botanicals!

  16. What a super idea! Great originality.

  17. Both are gorgeous, love the shapes

  18. taluula

     /  January 24, 2011

    Rosie you always blow me away with your creativity and Annie Oakleaf on her beautiful blue leaf is scrumptious.

  19. Very stylish and creative work, Rosie. I love Annie Oakleaf!

  20. Gorgeous works, Rosie. Your background is wonderfully done.

  21. annie in her blue really stands out!!

  22. Absolutely gorgeous work!

  23. First of all, I am laughing at your play on words. Annie Oakleaf indeed! Very funny. The musical was called “Annie (Oakley)get your gun”. Maybe your version would be “Annie Oakleaf, get your garden tools!”
    Your Annie is absolutely gorgeous with her lucious colours and “bling”. She is set perfect on her oakleaf. What a great and creative idea!! I love the way you think, Rosie. This is a very special piece.

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