**Why? is cousin to What? and knows of Miss Who? But, Why? has a very freewheeling nature and can’t settle down, so he doesn’t see them very often!!!! Probably just as well, because he carries flowers with him just in case he should see Miss Who? on his travels. 😉

 TMTA this week – Steampunk! Rosie this week – cracked up


I’m not really into Steampunk – although I love the “jewellery” I see of that genre. I wouldn’t go out and buy stamps just for steampunk, so I have to make do with what I have. My friend Fi sent me some fuses and electrical components over a year ago and they came in handy when I made this ATC! The character is by Home Impressions – Funny People plate.

** I actually started with Why? as a question because I keep wondering why people love steampunk so much and why do I have such antipathy towards it… and then of course, the crazies came and I am creating questioner-characters (again!!).

I really do inhabit such a strange space inside my head… the jumping between parallel universes is just a small part of it though!

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  1. danisart

     /  January 24, 2011

    its got the wow factor

  2. How cool, great take on this theme and great story, too.

  3. Really stunning, Rosie

  4. Very special and very gorgeous.

  5. Good afternoon Rosemary
    I have never done anything “steampunk” but have always admired it, you seem to have cracked it…..I on the other hand ,would not have a clue where to start lol

  6. Very clever cool piece!!!

  7. So cool, love the safety pins

  8. Oh gosh, Rosie, this is just out of sight wonderful!! I love it!!! High 5 from me!

  9. Lol, how totally Awesome Rosie!! Love your fun and funky steampunk fellow!! Cool details!!
    hugs and smiles,

  10. I love the creature you created and the story to go with him!

  11. Love your ATC, great background!

  12. I love why? Why? Just because…. Enjoy the day Rosie!

  13. Pretty Cool, Rosie.
    Oh, I love this one but I love everything you do. I love steampunk but don’t know how to incorporate it in my art. It not easy for me to find anything like it around here. I like how you did it with what you had on hand.

  14. Brilliant, I have those stamps too, they are just fab!


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