After a fashion….

Meet When? Cousin of What? and Miss Who? She has a very co-ordinated opinion of her own fashion sense, doesn’t she? All those stripes indeed! And, no pointy hat? Is she, or isn’t she a Zetti-ite? She’s my entry to the Three Muses this week!

I know, more mayhem and madness from the fertile depths of my brain… but it means I get to practise sketching and I also tried out my new purple, orange and white Sharpie Poster paint pens from Barbara, which arrived today! Yippee!

When? is her name...

When? is drawn with 3H and 5B pencils. She was then tinted and shaded with a Derwent Inktense Sepia Ink pencil, to which I added a little water; just a tiny hint of metallic green for eyes and hairbands; white poster paint pen highlights and black fineliner to add detail and emphasis… Fruity 3D stickers are from Sonrio – Miss Kitty!! I lurve Miss Kitty… 😉

I think the faces are improving ever so slightly, every time I draw them. That makes me happy. I also made some drippy background pages – sharing tomorrow – from the diary.

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  1. A really fantastic draw of When ?
    Original, beautiful and so well done!
    a great piece of aart

  2. Your sketching is fabulous, Rosie…I really love what you have created here. Beautifully done! Hugs, Gayle.

  3. So delightful Rosie…and I definitely must have a pair of those shoes…they rock!

  4. Standing ovation from my corner, Wosie Woe! Your sketching is a joy to see!

  5. I LIKE this one…. very much!!

  6. Indeed Rosie. When? is Amazing !! I love the twinkle in her eyes and how she’s dressed !!A Very charming and brilliant work !!

  7. A very sweet little elf she is and not overdone in her fashion! I like her!

  8. What an adorable face she has, Rosie, love her fashion too, perfect piece!

  9. She’s gorgeous, Rosie, and her fashion sense is fantastic. I love everything about this one.

    (PS – this is true. I had a school friend called Patty Smelt. She was teased mercilessly by the oafs in the school. Not her fault and I am willing to bet she either changed it or got married young!)

  10. She is so sweet – I love the whole piece its cute!


  11. Wonderful! She made me smile. Lovely art Rosie.xx

  12. Fantastic drawing, love this page.

  13. Really lovely and cute drawing!

  14. Your drawins are amazing… this little missy is adorable! And wow, the way you draw her face – I will examen it closely to learn from it! (As you know, I practise in drawing faces lately…) And putting her hands on her back is an idea I will ‘steal’ from you – I can’t draw hands (have to practise those too…)

  15. This is fabulous!!! I really like it!

  16. taluula

     /  January 26, 2011

    Rosie my friend, I have been following your drawing progress on Facebook and am loving what I see. This little lady is just gorgeous and has a face so pretty it’s making her toes curl. You go girl.

  17. Super drawing, Rosie!

  18. Always a pleasure to see into the creative depths of your mind Rosie!

  19. She’s really cute…I’ll have to check out the muses.

  20. I love your drawing, Rosie, and she is very stylish! I can see you were enjoying using your new Sharpies!

  21. I love her, Rosie! Muy bonita! XOXO

  22. ooh I love her shoes!

  23. Fiona

     /  January 27, 2011

    Simply Fabulous. Lovin this………….

  24. She’s very cute! Isn’t it fun to get to play with new art supplies?

    Wishing you a wonderful weekend!



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