Sharpies to the rescue…

I love them. I really do! I love highlight pens, poster paint pens, Sharpies… and the Sepia Ink pencil. More sketching from me as I get a bit of relief from paperwork. At least I am making progress, I feel:

Ugly Betty's sister, Manky Mary!

She looks as if she’s been stuffed (taxidermy?), doesn’t she? Well that’s before the black n white highlights…

Madeover Mary!

Some of the shading’s a bit rough, but she looks a heck of a lot better to me! This was sketch #3 this evening. ( #2 is about ready to bin!)

Nearly Naomi...

She can be photocopied and worked on – maybe tomorrow… 🙂

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  1. I love Nearly Naomi’s eyes! She’s gorgeous! I love the washes of ink and the skin tones and highlights you use!

    You’re miles ahead of me with the Sharpies. It took me a year of fiddling to figure out how to keep them from dripping blobs, and that was because instead of shaking the pens, I was trying to prime the ink out of them by beating the tips on paper! And I know that I threw away many good pens in the process, thinking they were useless and out of ink just because I hadn’t shaken them well. Live and learn. I use them now, but am not completely confident at handling them yet because I expect blobs of ink to pour out, but they’re great if you know what you’re doing, and you do!!

    • You are soooo kind! Those washes of ink are really the Derwent Inktense pencils… they are magic! I loooove the Sepia Ink one so much because it’s got that lovely vintage tone to it. It’s warmer than the Charcoal grey or Chinese Ink ones which are superb for outlines. I am working on quite small pages at the moment – not sure if that’s good or bad! About 5″ x 6″ pages from the old diary. They are ideal for practising however! 🙂

  2. Mary’s makeover was a big success. 😉 Namoi is perfect, but I’m sure any touches you add will only improve her.

    What kind of white pen did you use? I’ve got a fear of doing faces. I guess that’s what the journal is for though, I’ll have to add that to my to do list.

    Oh, spooky!! Please tell me you edited this post between the time I looked at in reader, and the time I came here!

    • Scatter! I think I did!!! The white pen is mainly Sharpie’s poster paint pen. I can’t get them in the UK but I bought them from a lady aclled Barbara on Artfire/Etsy (she has shops on both sites) who sells them at a pretty good price. I belong to ArtJournalling on ning and she’s a member there, which is where I go to trade, swap, buy, etc.
      If you would like me to put you in touch, just email me!! 😉
      Do try faces – I am getting better each time I do one – well, that’s what I tell myself!

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