Hanging by a thread…

I was over at Traci Bunkers’ blog recently and she has set herself the task of carving a stamp every day over 30 days. I love handcarving stamps and decided to use the reverse of some of my eraser-carvings for a new batch. This is what I came up with this evening:

New stamps...

I’m quite pleased with all of those and I used them in this journal page. I really enjoyed this one – no tears, no angst – feelings under control for a change. I found the image of a mouse hanging onto a balloon in a magazine – he’s trying to reach some cheese in the ad.! I spotted its potential for journalling and used some sheet music scraps and a down-sized black and white photocopy of “Nearly Naomi” to represent me!

... hanging by a thread...

I don’t think it’s quite as balanced as I would like, but I am really happy with what I am achieving lately. I feel like I am making so much progress in my art journals and it’s really lovely to have new stamps to play with again!!

In fact, I have enjoyed this month so much, I have signed up with AJED again for February!! Go Julie! 🙂

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  1. Love the batch of stamps, and the colours you have used on this page. Glad you are feeling less angsty too. Getting all your worries out of your head and onto the pages of your journal must have helped.

  2. Brilliant! I couldn’t decide whether or not to get some lino and have a go at carving my own stamps but you have completely inspired me, I’m off lino shopping ttfn!

  3. Great piece Rosie – I should have a go at this then if it helps get all that “stuff” out of our heads!

  4. Great page, you did a great job and I love your own stamps. Very inspiring. I look forward to seeing more of your journal pages in the next month.

  5. I’m lusting after your stamps, Rosie! You’ve inspired me. I’ll be doing more of my own soon, time permitting. Your journal page is gorgeous!! Every color, every element! LOVE it! XOXO

  6. Oh, WOW!!! Simply a gorgeous page. I love your colour choices, and your handcarved stamps are GREAT!! Very inspiring. 🙂

  7. Rosie,
    I happened back to your blog and saw this piece…ooohhh it is just wonderful!!!! I feel this way too…with two aging parents, both 92, I often feel like the oldest one these days and hanging by a thread! Great work and hope to visit you again. I started my first art journal this year as well. xo

  8. I love the art journal pages. The colors pop, the girl face is pretty, and very expressive.


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