Home sweet home!

There are some beautiful takes on this theme from Sunday Postcard Art this week. This is one of my favourite blogs and I try to join in whenever I have time and can connect with the theme…


This is a fabric postcard I created this afternoon. I have had a fairly large piece of collaged quilting laying around since the summer when I made my second one of these. In the spirit of tidying up and decluttering, in order to move forward this year, (both physically and metaphorically), I measured it out and happily, it was just big enough to cut 3 6″x4″ fabric postcards from!

The little picture, encased in plastic, is cut from an old Fairy Calendar that I am trying to dispose of artfully! The orange haert is a silk padded one I’ve had “forever”, from a pack of ‘stuff’  I bought eons ago for cards and scrapbooking supplies! However, as a colour match for this postcard, it fits! The Cherish stamp is one of my all time faves and it’s stamped in black stazon on a petal from a recycled fabric flower…

The other 2 postcards are similar, but as yet, unfinished. Meanwhile, I have been doing a bit of “stray sock sewing” too and made DD her first “critter” from a kiddy’s sock yesterday – I know!  But, start to finish, it only took less than an hour, so we were both happy! I fell in love with the characters in this book… Stray Sock Sewing. Here’s the Rabbit I made DD – sock with no name yet!

He who has not yet been named...

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  1. Fantastic postcard!!! Love all the stitching. Cute bunny too!

  2. He should be called Bunny Blue Eyes! lol x
    My son had an old bunny who went from bunny, to bunny one eye and then bunny no eyes as the years went on. Just took me back seeing your bunny!

    • Cool memories, eh? She was always a sucker for bunnies! When DD first saw the book, I asked her if she liked them and her response was: “I want them all…now!” 😉

  3. Rosie, your postcard is delightful! I love the sewing on it and all of the bits you’ve used must have cleared a bit off of the table! (Believe me I can relate). 😉

    Love the bunny too – he made me smile, along with the caption.

    Thanks for playing!

    Oh, and thanks for your kind comments on my blog. Taking a deep breath and taking the two canvases in to the show this afternoon!

    Cindy 🙂

  4. I’m over my ears into work, so I missed a few posts… but I read them now and WOW, did you come up with some gorgeous pages!!! This last one, with all the stitching, is my fave… I should get my sewing machine downstairs again soon (not everything fits in my little drawers, you know 😉 )

  5. To be fair, it is the first time for ages that I have used the sewing machine again… how lovely to see you again!! 😉

  6. Beautiful Post card!

  7. Well done, lovely card!

  8. Your postcard is absolutely FABULOUS!! What a gorgeous piece of art and I love how you have encased the picture. The texture and style are wonderful – Cheers!!

  9. ps: love your stray sock critter too!

  10. Love your fabric postcards, Rosie, this is another stunning example!

  11. Super cute!! I love the pop of red orange on your heart and your critter!

  12. Your postcard is amazing, Rosie. The colours are wonderful and I love the sewing. Great work. Love your sock rabbit, too!

  13. Wondeful sewed postcard and happy little bunny 🙂

  14. Your fabric postcard is beautiful! I also like your sock rabbit. Stuffed creatures are a fun way to use up mismatched socks.

  15. Your postcard is beautiful. Love all the stitchy texture! And the sock critter is adorable. Just simply adorable!

  16. I love that sock bunny. It so cute.

  17. carolew

     /  February 7, 2011

    I wasn’t able to get around last week….so here I am, late.

    What a lovely fabric card!

  1. Large Postcard Sweet

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