Do you ever feel?

This week the Three Muses’ Ann has us thinking in black and white, Zetti, retro, whatever! I like black and white a lot, I mean, heaps! I have had these images from a Ten Two Studios Collage sheet for quite some time and I just went with an idea – experimenting a la art journalist!!

Do you ever feel out of Synch?

This page is opposite my colourful alter-ego “Granny” and they couldn’t be more different, could they? When I produce 2 such enormously varying pages in the same evening, in the same book, I wonder how my mind works… Sometimes I even worry about my sanity! (Just sayin’!)

I dug out my white Posca pen for the heavy lettering and used the Sharpie Poster paint pen for the “Do you ever” words. The checkerboard effect is made with a foam stamp in white acrylic paint. Dots are silver Giotto pen. Note the purple (Sharpie) highlights!!

I am thoroughly enjoying the expression of self in the various journals I use. I think this will be one of my best years for creativity and productivity. Thank goodness there is a positive end product to much of the angst in our eveyday lives, eh? I can no longer imagine a life without art and art bloggers.

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  1. Ahh this is really great.
    I love it

  2. What a fantastic creatin!!

  3. I see your art growing in all directions, Rosie, so I can well imagine that you are riding the crest of a creative wave! Bully for you!

  4. Very cool Rosie…we all have to drag out our darkside for an airing once in a while…great job!! And the answer to your question is…every once in a while I start to feeling in sync…so I knock my head against the wall a few times until the feeling goes away…lol

  5. My favorite of this day Rosie !!! Great idea to cut the screaming ladies in pieces.
    Inspiring . Have to remind this !!!!

  6. Rosie, I’ve been toggling between blacks + grays and pages with vivid color as well, more fun that way! This has a Psycho sort of appeal, drawing me in. Cool page!

  7. Yes I have felt this way a lot lately! Great work!!!

  8. Only all the time!! Rosie, this is a fabulous piece of art – so clever, creative and totally unique. A Rosie masterpiece in fact.

    I read your comment on the Muses blogpage and now I can’t stop singing “Cry me a river”!!

  9. Fantastic! I wish my brain worked like yours. Lovely piece. xx

  10. Frequently!

    Love that you create such different things in one evening – it clearly says a lot about you… not sure what, but a lot!

  11. You’re not out of synch, you’re in the groove! Your muse is leading you to explore in different ways. I like the black and white one best, but that’s just me.

  12. That’s cool, my eyes are “dancing”.

  13. All the time… Intriguing, creepy, so interesting we keep looking at it again and again…

  14. taluula

     /  February 2, 2011

    I’m watching your art expression grow in so many ways Rosie, whether it be on Facebook or in your journals and I’m loving all of it. On the subject of producing two completely disparate pieces on the same evening I would say it shows how truly multifaceted you are and not the least out of synch. I find this one completely fascinating.

  15. Most days!!!

    I know what you mean about not being able to imagine life without art and blogging….. I guess we’d have more time … but to do what???? I feel now that I actually need to journal……

    I love your piece…. it really speaks to me!!!!


  16. This is just my style, Rosie! I love the black and white graphic images and everything else about this too! If you’re feeling out of sync, it isn’t because something’s wrong, it’s because you’re exceptional!! How could someone as creative and talented as you ever be in synch with the average? And when all is said and done, isn’t “normal” defined by the average? Never stoop to normal, Rosie! Stay your exceptional self!

    • Stop!!!!!!! Bless you! I never thought about it in depth… it was just something that occurred to me and it makes for a great page! xo

  17. Completely cool!! Love your piece, it’s very dramatic!

  18. WOW what a fantastic impressive collage creation. I’m fascinated.
    Hugs Anja

  19. Kaylene

     /  February 5, 2011

    Really great to look at.

  20. Fiona

     /  February 8, 2011

    OH WOW!!! What a fabulous piece. I love it.

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