You can live the life you choose…

… is the tag line of the advert for some ‘special’ insurance for the over 50s and when I saw this picture in the mag, I felt such a strong connection to it, I had to use it. This could will be me when I’m older and more wrinkly (but don’t tell my DD!)…

It resonates with the “vintage” theme at Take a Word this week. There’s no point in me doing something floaty, quaint and pretty because that is so not me – and I wasn’t going to create a page, but… I looked at the definitions of vintage and some were relative to wine-making, retro clothing – 40s to 80s fashion! – and then I thought of my age – 52 – very vintage indeed! Hence the granny on a Harley! I also love Hello Kitty and I used to collect Groovy Chick stuff for DD until she outgrew it. I think all those things are “tags” for me. don’t you?!! 😉

While I’m at it, I found another brilliant blog about art journalling: Tammy has written Art Journalling 101 – a free guide. Check it out for some great tips and ideas (and she’s such a lovely person too!)

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  1. Absolutely Brilliant rofl! Fab!

  2. Fantastic!!!

  3. I am just a little bit younger then you are… so can I ride at the backseat when you go take your motorbike out for a ride? I’ll wear my colourful hippie-indian-skirt then… would be fun! Wooohoooo… here we come!

  4. What a joyfully vintage piece, Rosie…full of action, color and images! Nicely done!

  5. This is delightful! Cheers – Rhonda

  6. Well, I’m old enough to be your mother, Rosie, so I am TRULY vintage! I love this piece. It radiates good humor and fun….as do you!

    • Cheers Bev!! I like it too and I want to use it as POSTER, SO i’M GONNA HAVE TO DO A BIT OF TWEAKING!!!

      Oopsy – sorry for shouting!

  7. Rosie, your vintage piece is FABULOUS. I love the colour and the joy in it and it is so unexpected. What a pleasant surprise. Most of us think of vintage as soft sepias and old fashioned images but you have given it an entirely new look which is stunning. A standing ovation is coming your way! Perfect!


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