Steampunk inspired?

Sunday Postcard Art this week – sponsored by Jean from Crafty Individuals (one of the very best rubber stamp companies in the UK), and a really charming example she has made for us. It’s not my “thing”, I don’t do the genre justice, unlike a lot of my fellow art-bloggers, but this is my take on the challenge. I used one of the fabric postcards I made last week as a base:

Prior to "punking"

And then I went ape with some homemade (link in a bit) spray ink… 😉

Now, present-day, post "punking"!

I like the metal bits, the pink I like less (though hse may have been playing in the background when I was making the ink…) and I LOVE my “cherish” stamp which finishes it off for me!

The spray ink I made with a Sharpie! Here’s where I watched(Jan Fox) the tutorial and I should’ve worn gloves, or at least one because I still have a bright pink thumbnail (and not in the Photoshop sense!!!)… duh! That took me ages to find and I don’t really know why. Phew! Jan is really easy to follow though and I am living (and rather pink), proof that this works!! 😉

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  1. Oh wow Rosie, all the wild stitching and the PINK makes it a stunning ATC!!!! Enjoy your weekend dear!

  2. Rosie, fantastic sewing… there are so many details and there’s so much to see.

  3. Wow Rosie what an awesome fabric collage…and very steampunky to boot…great work!!

  4. Now that is a true mixed media card, Rosie, outstanding creation!

  5. Beautiful! Thanks for the tip. I watched the tutorial. Now, we have to talk. She said you can also use Vodka. Wouldn’t that be a dreadful waste???? lol

    • Completely insane! I’m with you – such a waste! Besides, how many inks would I get made before I passed out, I wonder??!!!

  6. Great fabric Steampunk ART! Diann

  7. This is the first fabric steampunk piece I have seen and it works so well. Love the pink, the cherish stamp & the metal adornments. Fabulous, Rosie!


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