Slack Alice and the flowerpot girl!

Where do these names originate, I wonder? I remember the comedian Larry Grayson had some characters like Everard and others whose names elude me at the moment, but maybe Slack Alice was one of his? I seem to be creating characters lately – maybe because it’s quicker to draw them than write them… Since I scanned this page in this morning, that song, “Here come the girls…” has been running through my head.

Flowerpot Girl and friends...

(Maybe I should have called it “Here come the heads!”) The last time I got the Kelly Kilmer watercolour journal out, I created ‘Blue and the Jesterbird’ with heartbreaking emotion behind it. She’s now on available in T-shirts, etc. as is Do you ever feel out of “synch?” I chose to zazzle because I received a mug and a mousemat from friends for Christmas and I was really impressed with the quality of their merchandise.

After carving the Woodcutter’s daughter from the “nearly Naomi” sketch, I realised that I am enjoying my character creations immensely. I have ideas for a book featuring Blue and the Jesterbird, using the whole story behind her invention, but that takes time to develop.

In the meantime, I shall continue to sketch and draw ‘people’ like the Girls. I give credit for the fact that there are 5 on the page to Milliande – she used a circles template in one of her art journals last year to draw multiple simple faces on a spread and I did that (using a spaghetti measure!!!) last night.

The flowerpot girl is my favourite – pretty, slightly Zetti and I think she’d make a cute card! If I offered these drawings for sale as digital stamps, (like Lily’s Octopode designs), in a PDF format for you to print out, would you buy them? I’d put them up in my Etsy shop… Just asking!

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  1. billiescraftroom

     /  February 11, 2011

    Hi Rosie

    Love the Flower pot girl she is my favorite on there too.

    Used to always laugh along with Larry Grayson. ‘Oh shut that door etc’ ‘Look at the muck in here’ etc good times eh. Even when he said nouthing and just gave ‘that’ look to the camera. heheheh. Thanks for reminding me of happy times.

    Could do with some colour and flowers here today its dark n wet again!!! Will get my pens out later.

    Have a great day

    Billie xx


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