Unconditional Love?


I found this on Facebook – via Tam (Willowing.org) – and it’s a definite fingers crossed, please let me win Tam’s prize for my birthday? Please. please!!!

I made this spread about Unconditional Love this evening. I used an old book called The Rose of No-Man’s Land which came from the freebies bin outside a charity shop. It’s about the role of nurses in WWII and I sometimes use the odd page from it here and there. I sprayed a double page last week with the violent pink homemade alcohol ink and left it to dry. It seemed the appropriate colour to use as a background for a page about Love…

Apart from when I did my “structured” sneaky goal-setting exercise back in January, I haven’t really vented in my art journals, until today. Today I had to get down how I feel about the unconditional love of a parent for a child… and it felt really good to spill it! I let off a lot of steam and allowed myself the luxury of purest emotion. After all, it’s my journal spread, isn’t it? In my old book, and my emotions are all over the page…

forever and ever...

I really like the drips which turned into heartstrings… I like the foam stamps and the paint. I like that I put it down on the page and covered a lot of it up, but… I will always know what I wrote and when I see that spread, I will remember why.  That felt so good!

There are some great art journalists taking part – do join in! The prizes are numerous and wonderful – good luck!! 🙂

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  1. Rosy…got a crazy computer screw up…just sent you a comment…hope you got it. Let me know if you didn’t and I will retype later…I just noticed you have an etsy shop too….will visit it…I had one before, but didn’t sell enough so just focusing on teaching art now….lets be FB friends too….I am Jilly Willy Art on FB….

    love, love, love your mixed media!!

  2. This page is so beautiful! I love it.

  3. Your spread is absolutely GORGEOUS!!!! Happy early birthday–and I hope you win as well!

    Best of luck & thanks for celebrating with me!!

    BIG Hugs, Connie

  4. This is over-the-top fabulous!!! What a spectacular 2 page spread! Fingers crossed for you!! Hope you win!! XOXO

  5. Wow Rosie, a fantastic spread made by a fabulous artist!!! I will keep my fingers crosses!

  6. Hi, just popping in from Connie’s blog. I love your journal page. Excellent. Have a great weekend.


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