That one word (Take a Word this week…) makes me feel warmer, imagining lying on a beach, sipping a long, cool drink, listening to the waves lapping the shore… ahhhh! As my reality this week is so far removed from that scenario, I shall have to make do with dreaming about it!

I was still in fabric art mode and I found a really lovely piece in my stash/scrap basket. It probably started life as a huge plump cushion on a very posh sofa – and now a part of it has become immortalised, frozen in time, on my blog! This lovely fabric inspired me to stitch, stripe, add a Japanese lady to a corner of a sewing pattern and overstitch her…

You’ll just have to imagine the shiny, silky gold strip and the glimmer on the ribbon as they refuse to show on the scan. Perhaps CS2 users have a twinkle-filter that I don’t know about? I can only live in hope! Enough “kwatsching” from me – I have items waiting to be finished off!  TTFN  😉

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  1. I’d love to see this “in person” and touch it. Beautiful, my friend!

  2. Love your gorgeous fiber collages Rosie…beautiful work!!

  3. Fabulous, Rosie!

  4. I always look forward to your stunning entries Rosie- such beautiful exotic stitchery and color. Wow!

  5. Joli ouvrage exotique Rosie ! Bravo !

  6. Such beautiful work. love what you do! xx

  7. taluula

     /  February 28, 2011

    Yes, you did it again ….. you made my mouth water with this scrumptious piece of exotic fabric art. Bravo.

  8. A real taste of the exotic orient. I can see the sparkles (or that may just be the dust from my wand!)

  9. Well, your “kwatsching” is every time so nice to read Rosy !! 🙂
    I do have a tip for you about cs2.
    Perhaps you can use the burntool to accentuate the twinkles a little more ??
    But anyway….with or without seeing your twinkles….your handmade piece is exeptional !!
    And…Unique !!!

  10. I can imagine the sparkles and glimmer Rosie! I always photograph my work, I find it shows those sort of details better on a photo… Love the exotic feel of your piece!

  11. Effie

     /  March 3, 2011

    Lovely stuff… It’s so nice to see some textile art!

  12. lottie

     /  March 4, 2011

    Oh my gosh- Ijust love this – with a Japanese daughter in law – all things Oriental are pure heaven


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