Nick’s page!

Today I did my first art journalling and watercolour sketching in public! Yes! Defiantly, I got out my “Everything” art journal that my friend Barbara sent me a couple of years ago to encourage me to be an art journalist and made a page about Nick. That’s my husband – who was sitting his driving test today after having driven for over 40 years. He had to retake the test because his European/Spanish driving licence dates back to the age before computerisation and there is no longer a record of it! The Examiner says that it is not uncommon for Spanish Nationals who lose their licences (as in mislay them), to come to the UK to retake and then go home and swap the UK licence for a Spanish one!

Whatever I dream, I can do...

Anyway, I digress… So, I sat in the waiting room, with a Driving Instructor who was waiting for his pupil, and journalled. I felt so brave… and defiant as I thought, “Well, I am an artist and this is what I do when I have time!”

Testing times!

I remember Julie Fei-Fan B. talking about her “everything” journal and I carry Barbara’s little journal in my bag all the time lately! I also took one of my own handbuilt art journals with me and fell in love with Fabriano watercolour paper all over again! How daunting it is to begin a brand new EMPTY, virgin art journal. And, intimidating too – these books that I bound and built and painted and stitched myself – are so precious to me. So here’s what I did:

Untitled... unfinished...wip

About 2/3rds of the way through the book I started this sketch. It’s been some days since I drew a face! I had a few watercolour pencils, a waterbrush (must get a newer and more efficient one though…) and one of my 3 Inktense pencils; some HB and B pencils and a rubber. I think she’s going to be so pretty when I’m done! Here’s a photo of the cover of this journal:

So, I stopped working reluctantly because Nick was due back soon – he’d been gone about 30 minutes – and got chatting to the chap waiting for his pupil. He was great fun (ex-Forces – like us, not from Cornwall – like us!, etc.) and the next 10 minutes passed quickly in the sunshine outside the centre till they returned.  Oh and Nick passed, so yay!! 🙂

The prompt “Empty” was from Tammy’s site and she has the most gorgeous coloured penwork up today, aswell as a list of experiments and stuff for fun,  for freeing “blocks” and to get your creativity flowing. Go pay a visit to Daisy Yellow, go now… just go!

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  1. Rosie, Thank you for playing along with the No Frills Prompt, Empty. I love this interpretation, it’s ingenious. You’ve turned empty into such a positive.

  2. I just knew you’d fall in love with art journaling, and the whole world would be better because Rosie is making art everyday, in-studio and out in plein air, too! I love the luscious cover of the journal for your Fabriano papers! It’s gorgeous! What material is the spine? I just looked at the date on the cover of the journal on top….2008…can it really be that long ago? Doesn’t seem possible, does it? Glad you’re enjoying it! XOXO

    • That spine is industrial grade, black shiny duct tape! The entire roll (which has served me extremely well so far), cost me about £4.00! It’s harder to find lovely colours here and I have used this stuff for image transfers and all sorts – I just love it! xoxo

  3. How brave of you to art journal in public! I’ve never done that… (but I hardly am ‘in public’ – ha!) And YEAY for the page, YEAY for the drawing, YEAY for Nick!!!

    • Thank you Marit!! I’ll be sure and tell him! Wearing what I make is easy, demonstrating how I do stuff is a bit harder, and sketching in public… well! At least there was only 1 man watching (pretending not to!!) for my first time! 😉


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