Giveaway Draw Winner…

Using, here’s the result of my birthday giveaway draw… *drum roll*

So that means that the winner of the fabric postcard “Double Take” is  Scatter and the Annie Oakleaf winner is Birgit. Congratulations and I’ll be mailing them to you this week as soon as I receive your addresses! 🙂

Here’s a sneaky peek at a recent canvas:

"Hue and Cry" - lower right...

And I’m off to art journal a bit and then carry on knitting after tea!

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  1. This canvas is stunning Rosie x

  2. Dawn’s right about the new canvas! It’s somehow beautiful and haunting at the same time. Draws me right in.

    I won the Double Take Card!! Whoo hoo! I really liked that card, I couldn’t be happier.

    Thanks for the tip re: gel medium transfer. It also occurred to me, in hindsight, that it would have transferred much better, if I’d used cloth rather than paper to transfer it too! Hey, they don’t call me Scatter for nothing!

  3. Congratulations to the winners!!

  4. Fun and really intensive canvas! Love it 🙂 (I’m off to translate some boring stuff, and I so want to play!)


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