Look at the pretty blues…

Last week Julie FFB featured iHanna’s Monochomatic journal pages to give us ideas and I loved the red pages so much. However, I am feeling blues a lot lately – I find blue a very deep and flowing colour, especially if you are emotional. Being a Pisces, of course I am very drawn to water and oceans – probably why we always end up living near water! Honestly, it’s either a river, lakes, the Norfolk Broads, the seaside…

Anyhow, I saw that Tammy’s No Frills Prompt on Friday was “Blues” – and she always gives us at least 3 different ways to play along – you should go see, especially if you get intimidated by looking at people’s journal pages – ‘cos one of them is “collect 10 blue things”. How cool is that? You can photograph them with your phone and blog/flickr them for instance. That will then prompt people to think about your choice of things, etc. which can propmpt artwork and/or journalling… That’s why I like to go visit Tammy – lots of ideas, always! 

Anyway, I digress, as usual! Here’s my spread…

"Look at the pretty blues. Aahhh!"

I used mainly different shades of blue watersoluble pencils and washed them out with a waterbrush, blending some more than others. There are 6 or 7 shades on the small tag alone! Who knew I had so many blue pencils? Not me, that’s for sure! I only have 2 shades of blue Neos, the rest are pencils…

I really like this spread – from the small fabric squares to the tag and the ATC, oh and the last element added is the small blueish image from Alphastamps. I’ve had those collage images for so long – they went on the wooden leaf plaques too, remember? “Annie Oakleaf” and the Drama Queens! My fave part is the dip pen writing over the top of everything:

“I am so in love, or enamoured of my dip pen— I think my writing flows! And I can pretend to have lovely flowery writing!”

I recently discovered the joys of using a dip pen and there’s no going back! Here’s another sneaky peek at a different canvas:

See me at Songs in my heart… Penny Lane likes the blues too! Thanks Penny!! 🙂

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  1. Aahhh… lovely page Rosie!!! And I love the one over at Penny’s too!!! Keep ‘m coming *teehee*

  2. This is dynamite! You rocked the Monochromatic look!

  3. ooooh Rosie your page is fabulous… I seem to be drawn to blue a lot too though I have to slap myself to stop using it and then I get transfixed on oranges and reds…lol What’s a girl to do..we have to follow our muse eh 😀
    I’ve never heard of a dip pen but whatever it is you do wonderful things with it.
    chris xx

  4. You sure make the “blues” seem cheerful and fun!

    • Thanks Quinn! I love your “marginalia = Love!” I don’t feel so bad about writing everywhere now! 😉

  5. Hey Rosie !
    Thanks so much for the huge blog love! It made me feel so special and filled me up when I read your comment this morning. A wonderful way to start the day !
    Love the blues…and you know, I love, love, love my dip pen ! Something about that black ink too. Perfect bluesy spread.
    Have a super Wednesday !
    Cheers !

  6. Bravo! This is gorgeous!


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