Another shade of green.

I didn’t blog much last week: Too busy with destashing and sorting. I didn’t even get messy till today, and I missed it so much… This is a watercolour background that I didn’t like and had no idea what to do with. So I got out my fluid acrylic green paint, sprinkled some drops and squishes over it and went at it with my favourite MMT (mixed media tool): The Brayer.

Now I had a mucky, pretty green background to create with. I started clearing up my workspace and moving containers around and I started to spot green stuff – ribbons, fibres, a little scrap of fabric, some viney ribbon from Patty; some great drawings from a book of Churches that I bought because the drawings are so cool and the paper feels good (if you know what I mean?).

So I used gel medium to stick my collage elements down this time. I don’t always because it can make writing or colouring on them tricky sometimes, but I wanted to retain the detail in these drawings, so a little gel medium over the top was in order. I had the urge to stitch the textile elements to the page instead of sticking them down, so I got the sewing machine out. Here’s the page in its raw form…

Although I liked it, I wanted to add depth and shading, but I didn’t want to spoil this page or work directly onto it, so I compromised by copying it. Even though this is a colour copy, I was surprised initially by how ‘flat’ it looked. Here’s what a little pencil and pen added to it looks like…

Enhancing the copy!

So this is for Take a Word (Green) and I find it awesome that the curved arch means I can also submit it to Tammy’s NoFrills #16 – Curve. I shall go back and play some more with curves I expect, although this started with thinking about the distance between two points. It made sense at the time – what can I say?! 😉

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  1. Dont be fainting Rosie,

    i have had a great time catching up with your fab blog so much to see soooo much to take in i love how you use so much touchy feely STUFF.

    i see that you have been using old print for backgrounds and that is our challenge for this month.

    wont leave it so looooooong b4 my next visit.

    take care

    chriss x

  2. Fabulous piece Rosie- love all of the many layers and textures in this stunning art! This has wonderful Celtic character!

  3. This is a great piece, Rosie… so much to take in…wonderful.

  4. Wonderful ‘green’ piece, Rosie,

  5. Your stuff just seems to come together so easily, Rosie. Love the vibrant green and all the additional goodies.

  6. I’m lovin’ this one, Rosie! Happy St. Paddys Day to ya!

  7. Just wonderful Rosie…love all the little details…beautiful work!!

  8. Wow, Rosie, what an absolutely creative piece of art! Love how you created depth on the photocopy. Terrific work!

  9. Rosie, this artpiece is magnificent. I am blown away! I loved reading about your journey through the design and artwork. Fantastic.

  10. Wonderful card…great images. Love it.

  11. it is wonderful! and i love this kind of angel pictures!

  12. A really fabulous ‘green’ piece. love it.xx

  13. Absolutely gorgeous!

  14. Fantastic piece with wonderful layers. Love the bright colours of the first one.

  15. How super that you showed us how you did it. I really enjoyed that and I think the finished art is lovely.

  16. I love your green page! I discovered ‘green’ just a while ago – before, it was a colour I hardly used (as is purple…) The collage elements are awesome and yes, I know exactly what you mean with ‘the paper feels good’. That IS very important!

  17. A very beautiful peace, Rosie

  18. taluula

     /  March 14, 2011

    Rosie, I am LOVING this beautiful piece and thank you my friend for showing us how you did it. Kudos to you.

  19. Kathy

     /  March 15, 2011

    Chagallesque and green: perfection, Rosie!

  20. Lindo!!

  21. Fabulous artwork Rosie. The colours are beautiful.

  22. Lovely colors!

  23. brilliant repurposing and use of what is at hand dear Rosie!

    that leaf ribbon is some of my favorite in every color…I just colored some white to suit a project I was working on

    Love what you created here…but of course I enjoy everything you get into


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