Feel like a Queen!

TMTA gave me the chance to use my Green Jester in a “queenly” fashion today on this very mixed media ATC! I merely resized and printed out a sheet of her lovely face and “artiphied away”…

She deserves to feel like a Queen, doesn’t she?!! 😉

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  1. danisart

     /  March 14, 2011

    wow- i love it, it is so fabulous

  2. Fantastic!

  3. Fantastic! I love this one too!

  4. Beautiful, Rosie! LOVE the purples! Your color blends are fabulous! My camera is being naughty, not holding a battery charge. I shall post your fabulous arty farty bag as soon as I can get it to behave!! Can’t wait to show everyone!! XOXO

  5. and you look like a queen!!!

  6. billiescraftroom

     /  March 14, 2011

    Don’t we all babe 😉

    Your colouring and shading are amazing. Such dimension, I really need some art practice. Out of interest what white pen do you use for your journals?


    Billie x

    • I use a Sharpie poster paint pen. Other than that, I use a very fine brush and white acrylic paint for dots. Thick nib = Posca pen. I want to try some white acrylic ink with my dip pen though… 😉

  7. Rosie, amazing ATC. Yes, she deserves to be queen, at least for a day! Love the background.

  8. I felt in love with your ATC…

  9. when you published ‘the queen’ 10 days ago, my son was watching while I read your post… and he was in oooh and aaah over the queen! (well, I was too, but it was special that HE liked it too!!!! ) And now she’s back, even more goodlooking! I will show it to my dear guy to see what he thinks of her now… aaahhh – teenage boys dreams!

  10. She certainly does Rosie – and don’t we all!

  11. love it!

  12. Eine großartige Queen!

    Gefällt mir rund um sehr gut.

    LG Katja

  13. wonderful ATC! fantastic colors

  14. Glorious !!!!


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