And now… Fish!

The Three MusesFish: This is so appropriate as Nick and I are in Plymouth on Wednesday at the BBC. He’s doing a live radio interview for BBC Radio Devon at 1.30pm and it’ll be about 30 minutes long. I have to go along as his carer and I am taking art materials with me so I can sketch or colour or both! The last time I did this, I sketched a green jester queen whilst Nick was out on the roads of Launceston, taking his driving test.

So I have no artwork to show you, but I have used little fishes and fishing tackle to make these two bracelets:

Links to 'swivel' about!


Fish being charming!

That one’s a touch blurry, but I wanted to show you the lickle fish…  The links which are not rings, are swivels we use for fishing – truly! I like to think outside the box, don’t I? Lol! 😉

So Nick and Reels on Wheels is the subject of the weekly “human interest” story tomorrow. I’m sure he’ll manage to discuss The World Carp Classic, The Midlands Carp Masters, the function of role models, encouraging and motivating others; the 3rd annual Reels on Wheels Festival being held in South Wales this June…

That half an hour will fly past! 🙂  And it did!
We are back home now after a clear run down, in the sunshine and a very pleasant interlude away from home! Nick was interviewed by David Fitzgerald – The Interactive Lunch – on BBC Radio Devon this afternoon and I sat at in the outer booth, with the programme dudes. I got out the Green Jester journal and created ‘Carprice’ – a fishergirl…
She’s not finished yet, but I am liking her already. I had to stop as the pencils I was using were rubbish. I really need to get a set of Inktense – they’d suit my bold, colourful style with these characters I think. So, I shall save up for some of those and a really good waterbrush too. I am rubbing the bristles off the one I have at the moment… It’s looking stragglier by the day! 😦
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  1. Those braceletts are awesome…and I adore your queen piece below! WOW!

    fantastic! xxx Susi

  2. Fantastic take on this theme, Rosie. As I’m always looking for things to incorporate into my artwork, there are still some swivels in my treasure box 😉

  3. taluula

     /  March 16, 2011

    I’m jealous because I see there is no end to your talent as these bracelets are exquisite. What a shame we live at opposite ends of the country …. you could teach me so much.

  4. I love your bracelets, Rosie, and the idea of using swivels to attach the charms. Clever! Your sketch is going to be a winner as well. Ann’s right, you could teach us ALL so much!

  5. I love you guys!! =)

  6. Love your fishergirl and your bracelets, too. If you like bold colors, you’ll love the Inktense pencils. I just have a small set but want the bigger one something awful. It’s on my wishlist. 🙂

  7. Beautiful fishy bracelets. Your unfinished masterpiece is also gorgeous.


  8. Love Carprice ! She is delightfully fishy !
    And I love the fishing inspired bracelets too. They hooked me ! 😉

    Congrats to Nick for the great exposure on his project.
    Hugs, Talented One !


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