Should I colour my laces?

The other day I didn’t want to put boots on because it was a sunny and fairly warm day, but my trainers are plain white with a few touches of pink. (yuck!) I’m not  very “girly” and I thought the trainers were so boring, that I decided to be very brave and… colour them myself!!!!!!!!!

Not so pink now, eh?!

And so they are better now… but what to do about those laces? Should I colour them? Purple or blue? They do look better I think and all it took was a few permanent markers and a black ballpoint pen. 😉

Joking apart, now that myscanner has stopped behaving like a spoilt brat, here’s an ATC for Theme Thursday’s “black and white” challenge…

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  1. Pam Prosser

     /  March 19, 2011

    They look great, buy coloured laces, easier to wash…..

  2. Billie

     /  March 19, 2011

    I love the shoes! I say go with your instinct< it has served you well to this pont.. If you hate it. Laces are easy to replace.

  3. gorgeous art!

  4. I personally would keep the laces white ! As for your other art its stunning and love the phrase to.


  5. I would keep them white because you get a uniform strip in the middle, my daughter says get some colored ones … one blue, one lilac?


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