Structure and Beauty.

I realised today that I am becoming very “authentic”… Alisa Burke said (in a CPS video clip I saw a few days ago),  that if you can make all your own elements, tools, backgrounds, surfaces, etc. that makes your art more authentic. Hmmmm… well all I can say is that I really enjoy the “uniqueness” of carving and using my own stamps – however basic they are! I am enjoying an ongoing love affair with watercolour paper and drawing imaginary friends’ faces. I still love the feel of torn papers and combinations of such, to which you add paints, glazes, pencil, inks, etc. to create small artworks like ATCs.

I think I treat blog challenges/themes very much the same as journal prompts. They push me to work within a frame and also, when I work on a small scale, I find I become more creative in my quest to use what’s in front of me, or at least within arm’s reach. It’s possible, of course, that my ATCs may all look very similar. To that end, I am considering setting myself “an ATC a day for 30 days” challenge… Meanwhile, here are a pair of blue, architecturally-themed ATCs for Take a Word and TMTA this week:

Small pictures – Crafty Individuals Miniatures – people and places;

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  1. I love your ATC’s Rosie. Great work.xx

  2. Wow, these are gorgeous, Rosie

  3. I like these a lot!

  4. Well, Rosie, I can’t think of anyone more authentic than you! Everything I’ve ever seen you do is original and beautiful. These two ATCs are such examples. I’ve made a few very elementary fun foam handcut stamps and I love to use them. When I read about the statement concerning being authentic, I was reminded of the Velveteen Rabbit and being “real”. Probably just my weird frame of mind at the moment.

    • Golly Faye! Thank you! xo
      I am also in a constant state of “flux” lately… too much restlessness in the Cosmos I think! 😉

  5. Gee! A creator of real authentic art! Can I touch you?!?! I’ve always thought you’re authentic, Rosie, and I love your very creative work! The ATCs are great.

  6. These are lovely!

  7. Wow, fantastic!

  8. Wonderful ATCs Rosie!

  9. I´m speechless…fantastic work you´ve done.

  10. You have a unique wonderful style Rosie and yes very authentic. I love your atc’s… I struggle with this size (although I do do some from time to time)… I prefer big art (well A5 at least) cos of me fat fingers…lol
    Whatever size you create with…your art is always wonderful…love these!!
    Chris xx

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  12. Your art is so unique love your style it’s always a pleasure to view your work.


  13. Two fantastic ATCs, love them both.

  14. Rosie, I love the richness of these pieces which are also very powerful and impressive. Wonderful artwork. The colours are amazing.


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