Blooming heck!!

We’re already at the end of March, almost… I can’t believe it! I spent an enjoyable few hours in the garden last week playing with fabric paint and food dyes, hand-dyeing my own scraps of fabric, scrim, cotton, bandages, etc. It was messy and a lot of fun because it’s something I have wanted to try out for a long time, but “life” kept getting in the way. Finally I have some lovely fabric scraps and larger pieces and I tried out Lesley Riley’s TAP (Transfer Artist Paper) using my own painted faces. I had the happy idea of adding words and/or phrases to the images – to be used in future projects – and unfortunately, I got over-excited and forgot to flip the words! Yeah, they came out backwards!! Lesson learned!

This is one of those happy accidents, otherwise known as unintentional tie-dyeing!! The cloths were still a bit damp and kept getting blown into each other as they were drying!!

And here are the plastic cups with food dyes in them, which resulted in the most gorgeous vibrant tones!

Here’s one of my favourite pieces:

This looks so much prettier in real life… Imagine how lovely, if only I hadn’t messed up the words! But, I had such a blooming good time and these little blossoms are my take on the challenge “Blooms” over at Take a Word this week!!

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  1. I was wondering how you were going to get to blooms with all that dyeing. Looks as if you got some gorgeous “fodder” for your future mill….(and is that a phrase that translates from American to UK?) I once made a T-shirt with a wonderful family “thang” on it — and all my words were backward! I understand!

  2. Love this magical little fairy! And you bring back memories to me with the tie-dyeing- a definately fun outside project. Love this Rosie!

  3. Billie

     /  March 28, 2011

    Remember, in art, nothing is wrong.. You could print on a piece of paper and then stitch that over the ofending word. Not an error, just added interest.

    • I am going to use these to embellish some crocheted writ-cuffs I am making to sell in my Etsy. I thought they’d look lovely stitched to the cuffs… and I can hide the errors! 😉

  4. I can’t imagine it’s prettier in real like, it’s gorgeous here!

  5. So incredibly beautiful. You’re gonna make me dust off my sewing machine aren’t ya? 🙂

    • Nothing beats the feel of your own handmade stuff hunni – really! Or the pleasure you get from the end result – when it goes right, of course! 🙂

  6. Fabulous fun and gorgeous eye candy!!! Hugs, Terri xoxo

  7. And that is how ‘collage’ was formed! Layering something over a ‘mistake’? LOL.
    LOVE the green piece! The image is lovely. The EYES you make are fantastic!

  8. Wow, gorgeous results ! Love the green. So a thumbs up for Leslie Riley’s TAP ? Looks like the transfer worked really well !

    • It’s a definite thumbs up for fabric, just a bit tricky to work with on paper… I haven’t tried it on anything else yet though!! 😉

  9. Wow this is amazing am so jealous looks like it was good fun too.


  10. looks like you had fun 😉

  11. Arte maravilhosa!!


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