“Ethnic” and very colourful post!

I liked the theme at TMTA this week – Ethnic… and I have used some great Tribal-style stamps for this ATC. The background is brayered paint and I stitched the tribal figure to the ATC and added a few strands of suitably ethnic fibres to frame the ATC. By twisting the fibres slightly, I was able to “couch” them more easily (Scatter, are you listening? For when you dust off your sewing machine!!!)

suitably ethnic and full of fibre 'o)

The stamps are from Home Impressions. Love ’em! And also from The Netherlands today, the most delightful, nay, colourful, envelope and collaged card… from my good (blogging) friend Marit!

The front

The back

The wondrous collage...

I am such a lucky teddy!! All I did was send her a pair of “wristies” because she’s such a chilly-bird! 🙂

By the way, Marit’s also got a 2-month online workshop called Summer Camp coming soon (registration’s already open) and as soon as I have my 15 Euros put to one side, I am signing on! It’s even multi-lingual – a Dutch speakers room and an English speakers room, but a joint gallery, so we can all share the art-love! I think it’ll be a great summer camp – and there won’t even be any insects to worry about! 😉

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  1. I’m glad you’re glad with your collage card Rosie! It was so much fun to make it, and when I found the fishing bear I was in 7th heaven – it just had to be on a card for you!!! Your ethnic card is breathtaking! I should sew more…

    Oh, and Summercamp is open 3 months (June – July – August) and registration starts half April. I keep you posted…

  2. johanna

     /  March 30, 2011

    rosie, your ethnic atc is a hoot!!!!!!!!!! the best!!!!!!!! love that combination of techniques!
    of course lets stay in touch! always a pleasure to hop by…

  3. LOVE that ATC, the couched fibres make a brilliant frame. I wish I wasn’t so scared of my sewing machine.

    and Marit’s fishing bear (and the rest) collage is fab, isn’t it great to receive something like that through the post.

  4. Rosie, I love your tribal art!! Your ethnic pieces are fabulous! GReat stamps, perfect colors, textures and fibers! Will email you soon!! XOXO

  5. These are all wonderful!

  1. Cross-eyed | Marit's Paperworld Blog

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