Featured Artist… Me!

That’s such an honour, isn’t it? I am Billie’s “Featured Artist of the Month” for April. So, if you head on over there – click on the link – you can read the interview! It’s surprising how much I wrote, having re-read it, but it’s (almost) everything you ever wanted to know about me as an artist! Wow! Thank you, Billie… ❤

If you’ve been reading my blog lately, you’ll know that I have been dyeing (try-dyeing: similar to tiedyeing, but with less predictable results!) my own scraps and bits of fabric. I want to make some Fabric Inchy charms… yes indeedy! But, as I am on this awesome Journey of Discovery, I also want to use my own images and designs to make these charms truly “all my own”. To that end, I spent a while on my PC yesterday preparing a sheet of Inchies. Well, they turned out so good that I had to list them in my Etsy store!

As Michelle would say:”How cool is that?”  So later today, when I have been to town and talked to Martyn or Lynne at the Seventh Wave Gallery, I shall be carefully printing that sheet onto fabric – using my precious freezer paper; then employing some Bondaweb (similar to Mistyfuse), to attach it to the prepared fabric sandwich, and hopefully, the end result will be some fabulous, original inchy charms!

Fingers crossed, eh?! 😉

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  1. You go, girl! I cannot wait for that Winnebago trip. MY drema is to come across the pond and see you in England. I promise you, if I had known you when I was in England 9 years ago, we would have been hitting the pubs together. I think I told you that Top and I spend 5 days in London and the Cotswolds for our 20th anniversary, and we’ve both been dying to get back ever since. Maybe out 30th next year…..

    • Absolutely Kathy!! Where there’s a will (and a winnebago) there’s a way! 😉

  2. Congratulations on being the featured artist – a great honour and so cooool

    I so love your fabric painting and would love to know how you print them onto fabric – other than the only methods I know of buying those expensive transfer sheets

  3. Always knew inchies were real art – love em Rosie x

  4. Billie JS

     /  April 1, 2011

    Thought I had better be sure that folks didn’t think I was the one with the blog.
    I did want to say when I saw all these, I thought of wall art.. how lovely a grouping would be framed. Had you thought of that? They are cheery, bright and fun. Yea for you.

    • I had sort of… but there are so many ways to use these, I have some waiting my attention already!! 😉

  5. GREAT article! Congratulations on being featured, and well deserved!! I’m hopping into that Winnebago with you, I hope you realize! And as I said on Billie’s site, you inspire me, Rosie! It’s definitely a mutual admiration society that the two of us belong to! XOXO

  6. Winnebago? Did somebody say ROADTRIP? I’m in!! 😉 Love the article Rosie. It was great reading.


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